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  1. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Nothing... absolutely nothing. I love wurm with all my heart.
  2. WTB - 50s

    need fulfilled... but I'd like to leave this up, as I often like to purchase silver.
  3. WTB drake set - 70s

    is that the going rate these days?
  4. They have descended from Valrei

    Darn good thing there are a bunch of Wurmians here to save everyone.
  5. 2x studded leather glove 2x studded leather sleeve 1x studded leather pants COD to Sarai Please!
  6. Cheap garage sale

    Please COD to sarai . Ty!!
  7. Cheap garage sale

    I'm interested in the Rake - Iron Ql 44.52(CoC 87). What's your price for it?
  8. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Mid 2013 for me
  9. horse found

    ... and guess who I ran into today? Mr. Locke himself. The sweet horse is back with his caring owner now
  10. horse found

    [15:13:08] You start leading the venerable fat Jackpearl. [15:12:57] It is being taken care of by Lockehalfblood. I found him wandering around near tap dance without a saddle and no indications of a player nearby. He's safe on my deed for now. If he's yours please let me know.
  11. we need a wurmycon

    I’d go!
  12. Bargain Bin Enchanted Gear - 10c per item!

    studded leather jacket studded leather cap 2 awls 2 leather knives Scissors needle grooming brush to sarai pls.
  13. Kalaheo Escape

    absy: wurm legend
  14. horse found

    Alright. If he ever comes back, I'll be keeping it safe for him
  15. Returning Player Experiences

    I came back to Indy in 2015 after playing for about 3 weeks in 2013. I was still a noob, and I was easy bait for mobs. It was only an old friend that saved me and helped me find my body. I think that had he not been there, I probably would have quit again. I was then brought over the N. Indy Academy where I spent a few weeks getting my footing (perhaps for the first time), before venturing out to make a deed of my own. And three years later I'm still there. The area has changed a lot, but It's always going to be my home. I also started a second toon to explore a bit more, and she now resides on cele after having given Xan, Deli, and Release a good try. <3 Wurm!
  16. Passenger Carriages

  17. Lothlorien Meadows Stables = Under New Management = 4 and 5 Speed Horses of All types for Sale new colors (piebald, blood bay, and ebony black) included 5 speed hell horses for breeding Prices 5sp horses old colors - 35c 5sp hell horse for breeding - 75c 3sp blood bay, pie or ebony - 50c 4sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 95c 5sp blood bay, pie, or ebony - 1.25s FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE Contact belacane / dindrane / herzeloyde / sarai in game OR VISIT OUR 24/7 SELF SERVE PENS Located at F22 on Independence @ Lothlorien Meadows Just purchase a key at the trader to for your desired horse. Then retrieve your horse and place they key in the large chest next to the trader. Also available at the merchant Yule Goats - 1s/ea Snow Lanterns - 1s/ea MR banners - 50c/ea Various skiller tools Thank you for your business!
  18. 5 speed horses for sale - NEW COLORS - Indepedence

    The stables are closed until further notice. Thanks!
  19. The stables at Lothlorien Meadows are closed until further notice.
  20. Memories of Deliverance

    I went to Deli to deliver some sleep powders and ended up staying for almost a year. I was on TheUnknown's deed, and had an awesome time helping him build his castle and joking around with alliance.
  21. New Festival Cove

    This is so cool! Thanks for sharing
  22. Coming back to Cele