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  1. Interested. Would you consider paypal?
  2. +1 I made a suggestion similar to this a bit ago too.
  3. Also, is there a way to pin this?
  4. Carcassone is no longer there. Hill's End is at X37 Y34. Thank you too for keeping the map going!
  5. Hi Dazago, i have a village on Celeration thas has space for a new player. Here is the posting with more information: If you are interested, let me know. - Sarai / Belacane
  6. Pls Close

    Pls Close
  7. They were there for about 5 minutes after the fireworks about 6 hours ago, then they disappeared.
  8. I'm also interested! The link to the application seems to be down though. - belacane / sarai
  9. Mirrors? Sure. Name and gender changes? Awful Idea.
  10. -1 Community is a huge part of what makes Wurm amazing. How would we keep track of our friends and people we trade with if names were constantly being changed? I hope this never happens.
  11. Good luck with your search! I love having other players around on my deed too.
  12. sold

    Do you have more than one of each?
  13. examine a tile and you'll find out if it's deeded or not. Welcome back!
  14. No worries at all. And you're doing a great job!