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  1. closing due to lack of serious interest

    I sent you a pm.
  2. WTB smith / mining account

    Bump. Actively looking.
  3. WTB smith / mining account

    looking for an account with: 90+ skill in: - mining - black smithing - chain armour smithing - weapon smithing and/or shield smithing 70 skill in: - prospecting PM skill dumps, toon name, and your price.
  4. Oh, I see the dump here
  5. WTB smith / mining account

    Bumpy bump.
  6. I'm looking to skill up body strength and will help with your mining and/or digging and/or wood chopping projects. I'm willing to travel anywhere except Xanadu. All I ask for is a horse, food, and a bed for sleep. PM me here on the forums, or Sarai / Belacane in game.
  7. WTB smith / mining account

  8. Add epic curve to freedom

    Nope nope nope. If you want a curve, go to epic or join a WU server.
  9. Scrap or nerf Light Breeze

    Huge +1
  10. WTT rare forge for rare oven
  11. wts intermediate char

    Dude, who is going to say hi to me in freedom chat now?
  12. I’m always on the lookout for a deed mate either long or short term. I’ve had a few villagers in the past, but I just moved my deed to a new spot on Cele (O22) and would love for some company for as long or as short as you want to stay. Many of my past villagers have joined up as a temp spot to get oriented to the area, and then venture out on their own. Here’s what I have to offer: - a new deed on the waterfront, with space for you to build your own house. - enough space for farms and animals - workshops for leather working, smithing, and cloth crafts, with option for more - stocked kitchen - current upkeep of 97c to give you a sense of the size. With the right, dedicated partner, there’s an option for expansion. - general freedom to do as you like on deed and use any materials (as long as you are not disrespectful).  About me: - I am in the US central time zone and usually play in the evenings a few times a week and most weekends. - I enjoy sharing with and helping other players - I’m not super high skilled, but I’m self sufficient - I like to be communicative and interact with other players - I’m not particularly competitive - I’m in my mid 30s About you: - Are you looking for a home base to grind your skills but don’t want to pay for your own deed? I won’t be asking you to contribute to upkeep unless you feel like it. - Are you a newer player who is dedicated to learning the game and wants a spot to get your ‘feet wet’ before you go off and start your own deed? - are you respectful, communicative, friendly, and ok with sharing? - are you online generally the same time I am? i have a few ideas for how I’d like to design the deed. Maybe you have some too! With each deed I build I like to go above and beyond what I did before. The main buildings are already started, but there is space for you to build your own home. You can respond here, PM me, or message Belacane or Sarai ingame. I look forward to hearing from you! 
  13. If anyone is interested, I have space for the right person.
  14. Bonfires

  15. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Maybe it’s just a lull. Such things happen... We all have complaints about PvP, but perhaps the real reason is that it’s just summer for most of the player base and people are out and about.
  16. white barding

  17. Close

    what do you aim to get for it? offers are always vague....
  18. Close

    Is the character named hellfang or mephistopholis?
  19. Camp Doom

    Where is it located?
  20. Villager looking for home

    hello, I may have a spot for you if you want to stay on Celebration. PM me if interested.
  21. If you could pick your villager, who would it be?

    @Mavvbut he never stays put!
  22. Looking for character Faster

    awww good luck
  23. Future Plans for Evendim

    what a beautiful deed! Wishing you luck