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  1. updated for the skill changes =)
  2. Made it through storm I'm ok although I'll be out of power for awhile just have cellphone, I'll update soon as I get power.
  3. Sorry but the update has been postponed due to hurricane Irma here in Florida, soon as i get back, and if my stuff is still here i will continue the updates =) i have setup some redundancy so website should continue to work..
  4. Doing some rewriting of code base for some new feature coming in version 1.4 - as an update we have been adding in new ingredients and prep types.
  5. 16s
  6. Version 1.3 is live!!!
  7. you have a meal in your account that dosen't work that you made? if so can you tell me name of toon meal is under so i can check see whats wrong?
  8. site coming down for a little bit later today for 1.3 update
  9. Currently working on a new version, having to do a rewrite of the code for functionality updates and future features, please be patient while we finish this up then new features will be added.
  10. will do
  11. @Fraeya it looks like you may be broken, there is a link to a broken toon checker on front page of website. we are working on per item prep, a cont of items is added to the list so you can keep track of how many you have in meal, like is shown in members area. currently there are 30 items to make a meal thats usually is more than you can put in a pan, if there are more requests it is already setup to make is so you can add addmitinal ingrediants, we can just add that in for more boxes., https has been added as of today =) ty for that, the original name was Wurm Affinity Meal Maker - WAMM, but making it spell wurm was funny =P still havend decided on name as of yet... Thank you for your input!!
  12. Yes we have full intentions to add in new stuff, we are currently testing new items, and working on a way to only show specified prep depending on item and a few other things. as far as garlic iin wiki it states " In Wurm Garlic is a herb contrary to its real life status as a Vegetable." so that is why i placed it in herb, but i may place it back in veggie just cause most prefer it that way hehe, i like the idea of custom offset we were thinking of that for the broken toon part but since word of a fix we may just add in a custom offset setting, so broken toons that dont want fix can use tool and whatnot. so thank you for all your input it's appreciated =)
  13. @wargasm I have tested website in chrome and firefox, but if it becomes and issue i can always add a toggle so if it works for you let it slide if you cant see it let it stay anchored. hopefully this will solve any issues.