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  2. WTS Rare Sickle / Rare Iron Shield

    4s for sickle ? kazthegreat
  3. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    Website has been rolled-back and restored. if you have created new accounts because yours was missing, you should have your original account restored, any new users since day of update may have to re-register... sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    Seems there is a small issue with the db, this will be updated later today, i will update this thread when updated
  5. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    Sorry for the long delay between updates, i was a victim of the last hurricane Irma and it took some time to get all affairs back in order, I'm happy to say everything is back on track for future updates, and i will be reviewing any/all emails i received while absent.
  6. Supreme Pickaxe Imbued

  7. Supreme Pickaxe Imbued

  8. WTB 1G (Paypal Verified) 1s/1e

    as title states =)
  9. Bought please close

    Hello, i have a vyn priest 75 faith, 46 channeling 22 med currently sheetfolder on PoK, you can change has fighting affinity, not prem atm. looking to get 50e
  10. Supremes and Rares for sale

    Have some supreme and rare items laying around, message with an offer, or pm in-game @kazthegreat Sold List: Supreme cordage rope Rare Applewood knapsac 10x Rare cordage rope 2x Rare mortar Supreme oar 3x rare oar 56ql rare cloth glove 2x rare iron ore supreme copper supreme zinc supreme iron ore supreme slate shard
  11. Wurm in 4k?

    any update to 4k compatibility?
  12. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    updated for the skill changes =)
  13. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    Made it through storm I'm ok although I'll be out of power for awhile just have cellphone, I'll update soon as I get power.