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  1. Looking to buy 10k mortar, Libia statue or fragments, Red drake set or any color drake hide. 10k sandstone bricks Message me here or in-game kazthegreat
  2. I'm not talking about creating a water tile, i'm talking about making the tile able to put a fountain or well on to enable it to fill them as a water source. so the look of the tile wouldn't change just would add the ability for that tile to be used to fill well/fountain.
  3. It would be kind of cool to be able to create some sort of like trans-liquid to change a regular tile to a water source tile, kinda like changing sand to clay. So we could have fountains, wells in places that are limited in space and far away for any other water source or area, lake or pond.
  4. Thank you, I'm sorry for not being able to work on this recently, i just came back to Wurm to play, i was out and unable to play once i started to update this due to a car accident i am just now getting to where I'm able to use my computer for a few hours. hope to post some progress soon.. thank you all!
  5. looking to buy a black drake set or drake hide & dragon shoulders