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  1. x35 y25 Solitude x37 y25 Solitude Docks x45 y10 Serenity Island
  2. Sauasages worked fine for me may want to refresh and check again, fixed issue with spices, updated fish selection and choices on pizza gen, working on counts vs availability issues there are 9 spices but you choose dont have 5 and still choose to add 9 currently it will subtract 5 from the 9 you requested and give you what it can from what you have.
  3. Added Minnow, Wurmfish and Blue shark to WurmFood and generators.
  4. Thank you for the feedback, i will look into this.
  5. i will be adding in code so you know why.. atm it's most likely because it cant find a recipe with what you provided. i will be adding in validation..error codes etc as i continue this project.
  6. thanks for the feedback, still playing with options for meals.. trying to make it close to builder without having to find number as possible, so it make it easier for everyone
  7. Currently this one does not allow dupes due to it killing affinity timer.
  8. W.U.R.M Generators are currently in beta and available for testing before they hit live site.. http://wurmcoders.com
  9. Yes atm my host is having some issues says it shall be resolved here shortly =(
  10. Currently rewriting whole code base, to make future updates easier, also working on some additional features, in works meal/pizza generator, with full options.. Also i have looked at all the feedback and will be working on trying to get all requests built into the regular meal maker as well. Thank you all for your patience. KaZ
  11. I'm not talking about creating a water tile, i'm talking about making the tile able to put a fountain or well on to enable it to fill them as a water source. so the look of the tile wouldn't change just would add the ability for that tile to be used to fill well/fountain.
  12. It would be kind of cool to be able to create some sort of like trans-liquid to change a regular tile to a water source tile, kinda like changing sand to clay. So we could have fountains, wells in places that are limited in space and far away for any other water source or area, lake or pond.