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  1. Supremes, rares and odds for sale

    5s for the rare stone chisel? if so, please CoD to Fortiden
  2. Closed

    Please CoD #7 and #16 to Fortiden, thanks!
  3. WTS cheap coc skillers update 28nov 16

    Grooming brush, oak ql 19.19 c85 -75c Please CoD to Fortiden
  4. Iron Rake : 81.53 w61c47 : 50c Please CoD to Fortiden
  5. WTS potions of uniques

    Back again. 06. Pickaxe, iron (w72c72) ql 90,12 price 1s Please COD to Fortiden
  6. WTS potions of uniques

    13. Pickaxe, iron (BotD95) ql 90,02 price 4s Please COD to Fortiden
  7. Pristine Community Map (9/9/16)

    Deed on Paramount Lake, southwest of Lakeview: Onyxus Illustration: Thanks!
  8. please close

    Please CoD: #3: 1.5s #7: 6s to Fortiden
  9. please close

    #7: 6s
  10. please close

    #3: 1.5s #7: 5.5s
  11. Please CoD the following to Fortiden. Stone Chisel: 80QL Botd 71 1.99s Trowel: 80QL Botd 76 1.99s Compass: 67QL Botd 72 3s Butchering knife: 71QL Botd 80 2.99s + CoD fee (Pristine) is fine Thanks!
  12. WTS Skiller Tools / Horse Shoes 50-99 Power

    85 COC Pickaxe CoD to Fortiden, if available. Thanks!
  13. Please send 15. 2.5s (Longsword) to Fortiden, CoD
  14. New community map project 2.0 (22/3/14)

    Onyx Fort was disbanded recently, but only for a quick reposition. Please re-add to the map at this location:
  15. Any Mac Users able to play?

    Thanks Andobi, This got me through the update, but now it crashes at the Connecting to server... stage of the loading screen. I'll probably just wait for a fix or instructions from the developers.