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  1. I was sailing back westward through Orient Canal on Independence on a Corbita with one other logged in passenger and an alt logged out. We got to the western entrance/exit of Orient Canal into Crystal Lake and the corbita gets stuck there so I went to login the alt in order to be able to push the boat through and the alt insta-died within rock with no way to retrieve corpse despite the place where he logged out not being in rock, it appeared to be on the outside of the entrance. Thankfully GM helped me out in recovering the corpse but the skill loss lives on. *sad*
  2. Platesmithing (Steel) Brand new 90QL Steel Set - 8s Existing Piece Imped to 90ql: Chest - 1s Helm - 50c Leggings - 50c Vambrace - 35c Sabatons - 25c Gauntlets - 25c Weaponsmithing (Iron) 60ql - 5c 70ql - 10c *Anything not listed or for inquiries/custom orders please contact Daleebread or Henryoldfellow. *Kalayaan is located at L12
  3. Yay for new animals!... but what's the point of adding new foodstuffs when the whole system is broken? The only viable item is meals for nutrition, everything else is too much work for no gain.
  4. I don't have to play it to play it... great for after work when you don't feel like doing anything yet still want to be productive and half-socialize and feel like you're getting closer to achieving something whether it be building or grinding skills.
  5. That was awesome... thanks for posting it.
  6. All sent as of now, should arrive in a bit over an hour. Thanks for the purchases to all three.
  7. Rare huge axe 55.9ql - 5s Rare huge axe 56.03ql - 5s Supreme huge axe 55.55ql - 25s
  8. Hah! I think the troll you were fighting was drunk... [13:06:05] A venerable greenish troll hits the wagon with huge force! ...then he got tired of you trying to cut him and turned into an angry drunk hitting you hard.
  9. *-Contact Tesula in game with offers, Asking 1s per 1k for crops-* 1k of 72ql Pumpkins 1k of 73ql Onions 1k of 73ql Barley 1k of 68ql Corn 1k of 70ql Rye 1k of 70ql Potatoes 1k of 69ql Cotton *NEW* Rare Forge - 10s
  10. [15:55:22] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  11. As title says, selling a 71QL rare iron longsword, asking 6s. PM in game or post here. Thanks!
  12. ...right.. and add eyepatches and shoulder parrots, mops to use on boat, option to replace body parts with wooden stumps or hooks, and then a voice change option to say Arrrr right before everything. And the option to make & drink rum & get inebriated..(last one is fine...) Making & firing arrows is too much of a chore on this game and you wanna put in a more complicated mechanism like a blackpowder gun? -100
  13. Mostly Tesula, me (old Mitgira), Henryoldfellow, Edwardteague, Gonxavier, and rarely Arwyn/Tarquin/Anakin are left though 4 of us are currently on Xanadu for a few weeks (side deed project!) ...And Shark.. the road up the mountain has been compromised by an..individual. Tree farms mostly ok though. Hopefully see you guys around.