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  1. Selling 70 Ql Chain Set With Average Aosp 62 for 7 s Only enchants that are not 60+ are 2 chain gauntlets.One is 56 aosp and the other is 57.Pm me ingame or in the forum for more details I can deliver the chain armor anywhere on deli for free or you can come and pick it up from Whispering Pines Marina 12x 3y If you are interested pm on the forum or ingame.Ingame name is Wisardlomp aswell.If im not online with him,there may be a chance that im online with Qwertyman.
  2. Whispering Pines Marina Hello,me and Toadly are citizens of Whispering Pines Marina,Deliverence (12x 3y) We sell 60 ql chain armor,70 ql shields,little bit of 50 ql cotton and 60 ql lamps. Lamps: Imperial street lamp 50 ql is 60 c iron lamp 50 ql is 20 c Crops: 1000 kg of 50 ql cotton - 1s If you want to buy less just pm on the forum the amount(min of 100 kg). Armor: Chain set 50 ql - 1s Shields small,medium,large shields - 40 c Delivery: We have a mailbox so we can cod the items. If you dont want to pay cod or you bought cotton then only option is to pick it up.I can meet you half way so you would not have to walk that much but only as far as Green dog. You can also visit a merchant near our deed.
  3. Location: Whispering Pines Marina 13x 3y Selling: 30ql cog.Has a mooring anchor and a boat lock.Price is 10s 30ql sailing boat.Has a mooring anchor and a boat lock 2s I can deliver them everywhere on the freedom cluster. pm on forum or ingame.Qwertyman and Wisardlomp are my accounts ingame.
  4. Auction ended.Thanks for bidding
  5. I have no idea why you think he is my friend.Just because someone bid higher than you,does not mean I know him.