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  1. Small magic chest and all contents sold Rare belt sold Rare small anvil sold rare barrel sold
  2. Welcome to the Mega Sale Rares Tools/Weapons - 3s each - or best offer takes it RT/Venom weapons 2s each or best offer takes it Mats - 50c - 1s odd ends - Best offer All Standard Enchanted Weapons/Tools 1s each, or 10 items for 8s Deal Unique items/legacy - 3s or best offer Armor - 50c each or 3s full set - or offer Throw an offer for odd ends you see - Everything listed left to right. Everything is open to Haggle/negotiation
  3. Bump still taking offers, highest offer gets it no matter how small
  4. Bump, still accepting offers no matter how small.
  5. I've got a lot of steel and charcoal if your interested. Not 90ql though, possibly some
  6. Trusted and reputable seller. 0.80e 1s Pm
  7. bump, come down to my deed and checkout my wares
  8. Even more stuff at my deed! Can arrange a viewing at the deed, look around see what you like make an offer. (like a massive garage sale) pm for more info
  9. pm for more info