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  1. Red Dragon Scale Armour set

  2. Red Dragon Scale Armour set

  3. Red Dragon Scale Armour set

  4. Red Dragon Scale Armour set

    Red scale set for sale, Rare chest piece, aura of shared pain on chest and pants. Pm with offers and info 270e/obo cheers
  5. Price check - Blood of the angels

    looking to get a price check on a single charge of the "blood of the angels" magic potion. provides 20% damage reduction when performed. Could be great for pvp and hunting getting out of a tight spot.
  6. WTS - Black Tomb of magic

    WTS Black tomb of magic, Has 1 charge remaining, open to offers in pm.
  7. Price Check

    You would fetch an easy 3k, its simply the best account in the game. be a hell of a bidding war if there is already offers.
  8. Sotg clarification..

    both, i remember you had more chances of failing to heal
  9. Legionaire, rest in peace.

    Rest in peace one of the friendliest in game foes i ever met, had some great conversations with leg. You will be missed.
  10. Marsh tiles and water depth

  11. Pokemon Go

    A mate of mine at work kept telling me how awesome pokemon go was, he wouldn't shut up about it lol. At first i was sceptical, thinking this has to be for really young kids. (my mate being a bit of a big kid lol) When i seen the older following, much relief lol. shamelessly I'm hooked. Problem is I need MOAR power, anyone else notice your phone drains fast with this hungry app? Nintendo why yuu no optimization mang!!
  12. Marsh tiles and water depth

    The problem is marsh tiles at great depths, you could drop 10's of thousands of dirts and it doesn't even budge. Ideally it would fix that problem
  13. Marsh tiles and water depth

    After looking at the transmutation wiki page there is a mutate to remove every other tile, but still no way to transmutation marsh tiles. Currently you can remove them with floorboards, but underwater marsh tiles cannot. So i propose either, Marsh tiles can be floor boarded at any depth of water. or marsh tiles can be removed with transmutation liquid
  14. Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

    An old favourite. Reminds me of the good old days in MR on chaos (Wild server back then) Still a great band