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  1. bump 4 hours left, accepting offers on the entire LOT
  2. bump last 4 hours, can make me an offer on all of it if you wish
  3. Buuump 35 mins left of bidding grab a bargain!!
  4. 5 rare empty bulk bins for sale no reserve, 1s increase Minimum bid 8s pickup SW deli 1 hour snipe no reserve
  5. All bids in Silver Pickup SW deli min increase: 1s Reserve: nope Snipe: 1 hour Random Chest of weapons with Enchants, Woa, coc, Nimbleness, Rotten touch, Flaming, Venom, Humans demise, Animals demise etc
  6. cant mail the forge unfortunately, but you can come to my deed and collect if you like, Q8 Deli SW
  7. i'll take 15s for the lot, a lot of high ql in there
  8. Rare pick sold. Rare Small maul , and rare forge still avail 5s
  9. cant be mailed but if you can come to my deed
  10. Christmas gifts i'l do for 1s ea, saph 50c rare tool belt 2s - sold, seryll helm(basnet or greathelm?) i'll do the oils for 50c ea Oils and saph sent at 50c [16:51:26] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.