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  1. Is independence vanilla exp rates?
  2. Oh and for some reason my password wont work. Every time I log into launcher and it loads tells me I need to reconnect and this wont stop.
  3. Hello everyone. Just wanted to get some feedback, what server should I play on? It's been several years since I've set foot in Wurm servers and as such I'm not up-to-date on the current state of the game and all it's servers. I've read a lot lately that PvP is "dying" or in a weird state right now. Also heard about some gigantic scandal which resulted in the loss of an entire town and a lot of money. I'm not interested in drama so perhaps I'll just stay away from PvP servers. As far as PvE goes are there any faster skill gain servers then just the normal rates? Last I recalled it would take months, or even years to acquire decent skill levels depending on the skill in question. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hey there, I'm a windows 8 user, I was on the website and clicked play where the wurm client was then downloaded, but when I'm asked to either save and open. When I click open nothing happens. No download begins nothing, I have latest java version. Can anyone help?