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  1. [SOLD] WTA rare creature cage

    Congratulations to the winner. PM sent. Please close.
  2. [SOLD] WTA rare creature cage

    Less than a day left.
  3. [SOLD] WTA rare creature cage

    Starting bid: 1s Minimal increases: 1s 1h sniper protection Buyout: 10s Free delivery to coastal deeds if it gets for 10s (except chaos).
  4. WTB Nahjo Priest

    bump Very acute.
  5. WTB Nahjo Priest

  6. WTB Nahjo Priest

  7. WTB Nahjo Priest

    still looking
  8. WTB Nahjo Priest

  9. WTB Nahjo Priest

    I need Faith 70+ Channeling 50+ and ropemaking 70+ would be good. Other skills advantage. Please PM with name, gender, skills and price. Can I pay in silver or euro.
  10. WTS 50silver for 40e

    Thank you for trade.
  11. [SOLD] WTS deed on Exodus (Kirkwall)

    SOLD, please close.
  12. Kirkwall Kirkwall is located in The Northern Great Desert. Great place for raising fighting skill. Deed is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Member of Exodus Republic. In game map: G22 Community map: x40 y13 Complete gallery here: What all is in deed: Workshop Warehouse Large Kichen Park 4x houses 2x farmhouses Large Harbor with Shipyard Castle with many pens for animals Curiosities: Off deed farm protected by hedge (more than 750 tiles) 2x Guards Tower (QL 50+) Large mine with many iron and slate veins Great place for raising fighting skill Deed is protected by a stone wall, 4 patrol towers and two gates Selling with all animals and most materials No traders Getting all the keys and house ownership Moving all members within 48 hours You can visit deed anytime. Please send your offer to PM.
  13. WTS support beam

    Thank you for trade. SOLD, please close.