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  1. Can't take large sign

    Binding keys do not move with this too.
  2. Can't take large sign

    No. Yes, I put it on a tile in the underground. When I put the sign in my select bar and try go to the surface, after a while the sign disappear from select bar.
  3. Can't take large sign

    I tried the default settings and nothing change with my problem. Yes I tried, but also doesn't work. I can manipulate all other things, the problem is only with this one sign.
  4. Can't take large sign

    I can't take large sign in my mine. I can't click on it and it's only visible from some angles. When I click on it from a distance and come closer, I see the whole menu, but no option works. Thank you for help.
  5. [SOLD] WTA rare creature cage

    Congratulations to the winner. PM sent. Please close.
  6. [SOLD] WTA rare creature cage

    Less than a day left.
  7. [SOLD] WTA rare creature cage

    Starting bid: 1s Minimal increases: 1s 1h sniper protection Buyout: 10s Free delivery to coastal deeds if it gets for 10s (except chaos).
  8. WTB Nahjo Priest

    bump Very acute.
  9. WTB Nahjo Priest

  10. WTB Nahjo Priest

  11. WTB Nahjo Priest

    still looking
  12. WTB Nahjo Priest

  13. WTB Nahjo Priest

    I need Faith 70+ Channeling 50+ and ropemaking 70+ would be good. Other skills advantage. Please PM with name, gender, skills and price. Can I pay in silver or euro.
  14. WTS 50silver for 40e

    Thank you for trade.
  15. [SOLD] WTS deed on Exodus (Kirkwall)

    SOLD, please close.