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  1. Binding keys do not move with this too.
  2. No. Yes, I put it on a tile in the underground. When I put the sign in my select bar and try go to the surface, after a while the sign disappear from select bar.
  3. I tried the default settings and nothing change with my problem. Yes I tried, but also doesn't work. I can manipulate all other things, the problem is only with this one sign.
  4. I can't take large sign in my mine. I can't click on it and it's only visible from some angles. When I click on it from a distance and come closer, I see the whole menu, but no option works. Thank you for help.
  5. Congratulations to the winner. PM sent. Please close.
  6. Starting bid: 1s Minimal increases: 1s 1h sniper protection Buyout: 10s Free delivery to coastal deeds if it gets for 10s (except chaos).
  7. I need Faith 70+ Channeling 50+ and ropemaking 70+ would be good. Other skills advantage. Please PM with name, gender, skills and price. Can I pay in silver or euro.