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  1. https://independence.yaga.host/#593,413 Guard tower: Mommat 58
  2. Gratz @Bakhitato whom do I send the knight?
  3. Auction of Supreme unfinished Royal Throne Unfinished item Left with 1 plank and 1 shaft to attach so you can pick type. Starting Bid: 10s Min Inc: 1s Sniper: 30mins No Private bids You need 70 fine carp to finish this item, it can be picked up at https://independence.yaga.host/#520,708 or delivered to any reasonable coast. I can complete it for you with your mats if you lack the skill.
  4. Auction of Supreme Chess Knight Grapewood 78ql Starting Bid: 7s Min Inc: 1s Sniper: 30mins No Private bids
  5. Thank you everyone for the help, based on everyone's responses here and ingame I've settled on a title
  6. Greetings fellow Wurmians. On Nov 7th 2022 I reached my goal of 100 metallurgy. However I have reached an issue, nothing that I’ve come up with over the last few weeks screams the one. As such I am asking for ideas for a fitting title. Things to keep in mind, Wurm has an Alchemy skill so the title shouldn’t lean too far in that direction. Some notable options. Lumped Out Metal Fatigue Steeled Metallurgist Not Another Lump I like all 4 of them but none of the scream the one, so I am hoping someone can come up with one or inspire me to create one that wins me over. Thank you in advance.
  7. Of late, I'd have to say an 50kg large anvil with my sig on it. Was nice to find an item in an old deed that I had once owned.
  8. Congratulations to @brattygirlyou are the winner, to which toon do I mail?
  9. Auction Rare Iron Cutlass 95ql Imped by @Madnath for this auction Starting Bid: 10s Min Inc: 1s Sniper 30mins Buyout offer No Private Bids.