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  1. https://status.wurmonline.com/ That one is official and is normally live.
  2. Seems I won, cod to hvergi or shoot me a forum pm to arrange an in person trade if you'd prefer that.
  3. Looking for any set must all be the same color. Pm me what you have to sell, and how much you want for it.
  4. One of the items has a 10x coin bonus on it, I won't say which one. That is correct you can only buy 1 villager every 50 carpentry levels. The game doesn't stop at 100 so you can buy a rather large number of them.
  5. I do plan on revisiting this next year with a brand new version, not 100% sure when that will be with work constraints but I am really glad so many people enjoyed it consider how little time went into it. It is more of a case where I have to be in attendance for all of it but only a very small segment is for me.
  6. Auction has ended, congratulations to Gerboa for the winning bid.
  7. Supreme Iron Scissors 90.65ql Has seryll mag rune (10% shatter chance) Starting Bid: 20 silver Increment: 1 silver Snipe Protection: 1 HOUR
  8. If Elwood wants to send me on I'll add it. and by rather popular demand you can no longer spam 1 item, well you can but it wont help.
  9. I was bored in a long meeting today, and I remember that elwood said he wanted a wurm carpentry game he could grind to 1million carp in, so I made one. Not really balanced but if you want to check it out, link is below. It runs in the browser. http://hvergi.x10host.com/Elwood/ I may or may not update this game, it was more of a fun kill time project, but if people want to see me update it more just let me know.