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  1. Thank you, only 1 left to get now. I'll grab them from the mail when I log in after work.
  2. Hi, I'd like an order for the following dyes 1kg each Midnight Black Dark Violet indigo Orange Red Maroon Fire Brick Royal Blue Deep Sky Blue Light Sky Blue Sky Blue Forest Green And one custom one I'd like the same red and blue values as forest green but a higher green value of around 200 Mail to Hvergi
  3. Looks like I'll be able to attend this year, at least for most of it. Can do carp, fine carp, bs, ws, cas, ss, pas, ct or rm(if someone really needs a net). I'll bring my priests with me mag, fo, lib and vyn. 90+ channeling beni. (not sure how many I can run at once when I get there but will help to fill any gaps) I'd like to book a room if there is still one open, just 1 bed is needed.
  4. Ingame Bid From Siegfried (IkaDemandred) 5s.
  5. 92QL Rare Oak Long Spear Nim-104 LT-101 Coc-101 MS-101 + (free demise if wanted) Starting Bid: 1s Min Inc: 1s Sniper Protection: 1hr No reserve or Private bids. Buyout: 101s (I just wanted another 101 number in the post as nimble refused to comply) To the winner, If you would like the demise please include it in your winning post with the character to mail the spear to.
  6. Will be sent shortly to the winner, thank you for the bidding everyone.
  7. 92QL Rare Iron Longsword 92ql Nim-97 Venom-102 Coc-100 Ms-97 + demise of choice if wanted. Starting Bid: 1s Min Inc: 1s Sniper Protection: 1hr No reserve, buyout or Private bids.
  8. https://status.wurmonline.com/ That one is official and is normally live.
  9. Seems I won, cod to hvergi or shoot me a forum pm to arrange an in person trade if you'd prefer that.
  10. Looking for any set must all be the same color. Pm me what you have to sell, and how much you want for it.