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  1. Hello, I'd like to be added to the map Deed Name:The Cliff's Location: 29x 31y roughly Thank you
  2. Auctioning the following item Rare Iron Stone Chisel 95.33QL Starting bid: 4s Min. Increase: 25c Sniper: protection: 30min Buyout: 8s
  3. Wonderful me and my alt army thank you
  4. blacksmithing

    Updated Prices.
  5. Will the low memory version be coming along with the change?
  6. Shrimpiie with the Runed Mailboxes, some of the items in your no section are now mailable. I know logs are at least and you don't need the runed box to receive them afaik, are they still a no?
  7. Seems like mooring anchors are now 4c to mail.
  8. I don't know about anyone else that has a priest, but mine will be heading out when it hits live to bless lamps. Anyone in the FM/DF area is more then welcome to bring them to me for blessing. (bring some chopped veggies if you bring more then a couple).
  9. Hi I'd like to order 1x Bowl 50ql 1xStein 50ql 1xRoasting Dish 80ql 1xPie Dish 80ql COD to Hvergi
  10. blacksmithing

    Reopened for business
  11. I think so it lets me go to the put a price on the cod screen
  12. [18:05:33] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. Cleaning deed and old alts of goodies. More to come as I find them. Sold Small Magic Chest 39dmg 25s new 15s with dmg buy now for 10s Straw Yule Goat 1s Sold Birchwood Mallet 77ql 83coc 40c Iron Pickaxe 86ql coc62 woa 82 60c Sold Iron Saw 65Ql coc 93 75c Sold Iron Pickaxe 91Ql 79coc 78woa 1s Sold Iron Hatchet 75ql 93c 75c Sold Cedar Grooming Brush 77ql coc85 woa73 75c Birch RopeTool 15QL 87coc 50c Sold Rat pelt 81ql 98coc 80c Sold Rat pelt 75ql 88coc 70c Items that can only be picked up at Indy Freedom market 6 Sleep Powder 1s each 2 Brass Spyglasses 5s each