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  1. Broken Map

    Got a mission item map today, went to the area indicated and found the mission item. Dug for treasure, tried the tile it was on and every tile in 2 tiles away from it. No loot or new casket. Tried with a couple of toons as well, and a GM came out and took a look at it suggesting a bug report. Rare 23ql map Server is Indy
  2. Auction of Supreme Iron Trowel 92ql 103 Botd Starting Bid: 20s Min Inc: 1s Sniper: 1hr Buyout: 1g
  3. If I couldn't multi-log I'd either be on my way out, or massively shrinking my in-game holdings. While I can understand your feelings, I don't agree with them. I am quite happy with simulating a village with alts.
  4. Auction of Supreme Stone Chisel 91ql Iron Botd 102 Starting Bid: 10s Min Inc: 1s Buyout: 75s Sniper Protection: 1hr
  5. Made a large ordered, kept me updated on the status and delivered on time. Will be back for more.