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  1. My preferred drinking spot. The forge keeps the mead nice and warm for a good drink while I hammer away.
  2. Ok, I made a smaller mock up on indy. To get this, the center highlight tile, you build a ladder to go up to the second floor, then build the walls. Knock down the ladder. Finally plan and build a roof on all 3 tiles. Someone asked in chat if you can keep building, the answer was yes, if you make a ladder/floor up before you build the roof on the second floor you can do a third.
  3. I'll give the idea that I posted above a try a bit later, fairly sure it will work.
  4. My best guess, is build the walls first and use ladders to go up, then knock them out and build the roof there. Or gm's magic
  5. Which part are you looking to build? if you mean the fences inside of the arched wall, make the arched wall first, then you can click the tile boarder to build the fence.
  6. I've extended the highway in the NW to connect to my deed. The blue line is 3 tiles wide, the red line is 2 tiles wide.
  7. Hoping they are returned/replaced with out issues.
  8. Hi, I've moved on indy. Deed Name: Elska Heima Deedlocation: 9x 12y to 10x 13y. Deed covers almost 4 map tiles minus some of the water. Picture included for reference. Feel free to place the marker where it makes sense, the token is east of the guardtower by 20ish tiles and has a public runed mailbox.
  9. What is the blue glowy thing at the chapel