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  1. Hey! I'll bring 0.78kg source salt to donate for bloods
  2. i kinda liked this idea tbh.
  3. should just be transparent for anyone on the boat
  4. correct me if im wrong but, see the moving section.
  5. @Wulf Yeah on ele, but we aren't the same one that's been talked about and recruiting here on the forums.
  6. It stops at -1 alignment. pretty sure its bugged, but itll be a long time till we find that out im sure.
  7. As far as I know, lib followers can't get positive alignment. -1 was as high as myself and another person could get.
  8. So I have recently tried to convert from libila to nahjo on epic, and i'm unable to. I tried traveling to the white light with -100 alignment and again at -1 alignment (can't get to positive). this is the message I recieved: 23:20:45] Libila will not accept that you leave the Horde of the Summoned. I also tried to have another player convert me, they are a priest of nahjo (and same kingdom as me). this is the message I recieved from that: [18:57:17] Kitsuine may not change deity. she is with The Summoned. I have not changed kingdoms or religions recently, /invitations was on, and nahjo was favoring my kingdom (hots). I'll update if I think of anything else, thanks!
  9. yea its a pretty bad excuse. hell, when new ele opened, i just took a cart out and built new ones while hunting for the artifacts.. lol. +1 though, would be nice.
  10. sounds like a great idea,good luck to the group youre supporting!
  11. i don't play epic :(

  12. i'll have you know, my bow is very bloodthirsty. serious though, looking forward to these updates you plan on doing, its good, and its good having you on epic.