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  1. Hey! I'll bring 0.78kg source salt to donate for bloods
  2. The Screenshots Thread

    wow thats beautiful.
  3. Artifact Changes Review

    i kinda liked this idea tbh.
  4. Sail in my way

    should just be transparent for anyone on the boat
  5. Strange issue with Stealth mode reported

    correct me if im wrong but, see the moving section.
  6. go burn down the forests!
  7. The Screenshots Thread

    @Wulf Yeah on ele, but we aren't the same one that's been talked about and recruiting here on the forums.
  8. Removing Deity

    It stops at -1 alignment. pretty sure its bugged, but itll be a long time till we find that out im sure.
  9. Unable to convert Nahjo

    As far as I know, lib followers can't get positive alignment. -1 was as high as myself and another person could get.
  10. Unable to convert Nahjo

    So I have recently tried to convert from libila to nahjo on epic, and i'm unable to. I tried traveling to the white light with -100 alignment and again at -1 alignment (can't get to positive). this is the message I recieved: 23:20:45] Libila will not accept that you leave the Horde of the Summoned. I also tried to have another player convert me, they are a priest of nahjo (and same kingdom as me). this is the message I recieved from that: [18:57:17] Kitsuine may not change deity. she is with The Summoned. I have not changed kingdoms or religions recently, /invitations was on, and nahjo was favoring my kingdom (hots). I'll update if I think of anything else, thanks!
  11. yea its a pretty bad excuse. hell, when new ele opened, i just took a cart out and built new ones while hunting for the artifacts.. lol. +1 though, would be nice.
  12. Sponsoring a PMK (Epic)

    sounds like a great idea,good luck to the group youre supporting!
  13. i don't play epic :(

  14. i'll have you know, my bow is very bloodthirsty. serious though, looking forward to these updates you plan on doing, its good, and its good having you on epic.