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  1. Server Update Triple bounty weekend has started and will last until to the 9th on Paradise only to encourage more hunting. D Double voting silver until 3/13/2020! Get 3 silver for voting every day until then! Monthly silver for March is out! Claim yours at Paradise Rediscovered!! Banks for all existing players with an open bank had their size increased to hold 15 items
  2. Server Updates A exploit was fixed with duping and should no longer occur. Crafters, Treasurehunting are now reenabled Taxidermy works again Treasure maps will now spawn seryll lumps. Treasure maps HoTA statues spawn chance was lowered Unique Slaying Event upcoming!! I'm arranging a unique slaying for all players to attend! We have a couple lined up so bring your best gear, twohanded weapons and all the might you can muster! When: Friday 28th, 2020 @ 8pm EST Where: Mare Luxuria. If you need help getting to Mare Luxuria, we will help direct you to it before the time of the event.
  3. Server Update Rift items(trees, rocks, plants) were reduced mapwide and should be rarer. Rift items on Fuschia and Viridian have been lowered due to their size which should result in very rare numbers on Fuschia and less common on Viridian. Rift mobs will now spawn and depending on the amount will be tweaked. Adoption Cards no longer crash the server. Skill needed to ride Dragoons from Adoption Cards was increased to 35 body control. Adoption Cards Dragoon and Drakes speed were increased to fall in line with all current mount speeds. Dragoons and Drakes will now spawn with all positive speed traits. Dragoon strength was raised by 2x. Dragoon spawn price was increased to 10, needing a total of 20 silver while Drakes are free. Life Transfer was decreased to 95 favor. Ridable dragons are here! Vanity pets are here and can be bought at Paradise Rediscovered in the form of a item that you use! Vanity Dragoons are special non-aggressive creatures that can be rode and offer a high base speed with no gear. An Outline of how they work/features. Adoption Cards can be bought for 10 silver at Paradise Rediscovered from a merchant called "Special Items". Dragoons (Full size dragons) cost 10 silver to spawn on top base card cost of 10 silver. Drake Hatchlings can also be spawned but offer a slower base speed due to their cost being free to spawn (10s still required for the card) Vanity pets spawn with all positive speed traits. Vanity Pets can be named to whatever you wish! Vanity Pet gender can be choosen on spawn. Vanity Pet Age can also be choosen on spawn. Vanity pets can be drug across water like horses, but however cannot be ridden across for now. Vanity pets cannot be bred. Vanity Pet raffle! I will be doing a small raffle with the introduction of this new feature to the server! To enter, be the discord and react to the message in the server updates channel. Two winners will be choosen for a Red Dragoon (20 silver value) and a Blue Dragoon on 2/28/2020 at 10PM EST. On top of the raffle, I will also be giving away Transmutation Liquid and Mask Of The Returner as a show of appreciation to our players! To claim yours submit a /support ticket ingame with Anniversary! in the details of the ticket, limited to 1 anniversay gift per player(SteamID).
  4. Server Update Bounty amount has returned to normal. Duping issue was fixed for now however Treasure Maps are disabled until further notice as it was the cause. Creature count on Viridian was increased to 2160 and aggressives to 8%
  5. Unique Slaying Event upcoming!! I'm arranging a unique slaying for all players to attend! We have a couple lined up so bring your best gear, twohanded weapons and all the might you can muster! When: Sunday 23rd, 2020 at 7pm EST Where: Castle Black We will be meeting at castle black and heading out from there! Player Appreciation Impalong Event! I want to put together a small impalong for all players that will help out new players by getting their items imped up for free! How does it work? The event will be held at Paradise Events, which will go on for a couple of days. Players can drop off their items and get them imped and enchanted free of charge. Players can also help imp others items, it's a community event and we encourage everyone to join in! Where? Paradise Events When? 2/28/2020 - 3/1/2020
  6. Server Update Champion favor gain rate was lowered to 3.5x on PVE servers only while still remaining the normal amount on PVP servers of 1.0x
  7. Server Update Priests can now pray an unlimited number of times with no delay inbetween. Champions favor gain rate has been increased to 5x. TraderItems mod has been disabled for now due to duping bug. All items can be found at Paradise on a Merchant until a proper fix has been rolled out. Massive dirtcrates have been added that hold 1000x dirt/clay/sand. Skillramping has changed to help noobies on the lower end! See below for the full list of changes. The fish monger has been added and placed at all starter cities. The King of Viridian should no longer be broke. Skillramping Changes Skill ramping lower cap has increased to extend higher for longer to help newer players! 0 to 60 Skill = 5.0x Skill Modifier 65 to 70 Skill = 3.5x Skill Modifier Skill ramping from there continues as normal. 70 to 80 Skill = 2x Skill Modifier 80 to 90 Skill = 1.5x Skill Modifier 90 to 98 Skill = 1.2x Skill Modifier 98+ Skill = 1.15x Skill Modifier
  8. Server Update Triple silver voting promotion is now over and returned to its normal voting amounts of 1 silver per daily vote. 3x bounty has begun until the 23rd! Get to clearing some mobs for additional funds!
  9. Server Update Moon metal items can be imped normally again. Dragon loot has been halved. Halloween mobs have been re-enabled on Paradise but disabled on Fuschia and Viridian. Challenge Statues can now be crafted. Epic structures can now be crafted. Cavalier helmet can now be crafted A Spell has been added to recharge artifacts on PVE servers. Breed Gestation period has been decreased to 1 day.
  10. Server Updates: 2/15/2020 - 2/16/2020 Ores on Viridian have been fixed and should now have proper amounts. Mob count on Viridian has been increased to 1880. Server packs should be sent properly on all servers in the cluster. Viridian rock layer is not as dense as Paradise but should offer a more diverse distribution of ores with Iron being most prominent
  11. Server Updates: 2/14/2020 - 2/15/2020 Surface mining is now 1 mining action for 1 slope. Surface mining a tile can be done from a single tile now. Leveling tiles in caves has been halved. Viridian Mob count has increased to 1200 Viridian rock layer has been fixed and is now correct Viridian rock layer is not as dense as Paradise but should offer a more diverse distribution of ores with Iron being most prominent. Join us today!
  12. Server Update Halloween mobs had their armour buffed. Delivery Contracts have been reduced to 1 iron. Viridian is now live! After lots of fine tuning the map, getting biomes right and getting the settings to our liking, I'm happy to announce that our 3rd server, Viridian is now live! It features a entire new landmass generated new by me which is sailable north from Paradise! PVE Only, Newbie bonus constant. Portal at Paradise Rediscovered. 3x Action timers instead of Paradise's 2.6x. You can see the map here: Join us today to check it out!
  13. Server News Hi everyone! I have some good news about some WIP Projects that you can expect to see on the server soon! New Server/Map I'm excited to announce that we will be added a 3rd server to the cluster. The new server is currently being worked on, and not all details have been fully finalized, however, I can provide some details on it: 1024x1024 PVE Map Sailable from Paradise going North. There will be a portal at Paradise Rediscovered to teleport to this new server. Slightly higher action timers. Creature Count somewhere in the 1,000 to 1,800s due to its small size, 10% aggressive. Live Map accessible at the same time it's live. Mapdump That is all the information I can provide at the moment. New Crate Types New crate types are going to be added, along with large racks of each type. Crate Types to be added: Massive Dirt crates: Holds 1000 dirt/sand. Massive Crates (Non-Dirt): Holds 1000 items. Portable Trash Barrel: Portable Trash heap functionality. Upcoming bug fixes Currently there is a longstanding bug that occurs with traders, it is considered an exploit and highly advised against using it for the time being. Adoption Cards will also be fixed and players will be able to buy ridable dragons again. Custom Wagons currently have permission issues and will be fixed aswell. For now, you should just create base wagons and if you encounter problems with yours, submit a /support tick and the issue will be taken care and replaced for the time being until that fix is released. You can also expect changes to skill ramping soon, raising the lower cap to extend higher. You can expect these changes and bug fixes in the next 2 weeks, so stay tuned! Donating! Want to support us and help out with server costs? Now you can do so, check out the donation channel in my discord on how to do so! It's not mandatory at all, but I really appreciate any donation received! I plan to offer a couple of donation items when I can get a domain which will make the process much easier.
  14. Server Updates Crafters with missing workbooks should be working again. Carpentry ramping was fixed and should no longer crash on plan building. Evil tree and scary pumpkin mobs were buffed substantially. What is carpentry ramping? Carpentry Ramping is a mod by me that allows for bigger planned and built houses at higher carpentry levels, encouraging grinding higher to gain those benefits. This mod also allows for champions to gain a bonus to building sizes when planning. Currently the added bonus is 1.05 on top of the multiplier for that current skill. Buildings with no doors to be constructed. Current Multipliers It works as such: Current Skill * Multiplier * Champion bonus (1.05) * (GM Bonus) = Modified Skill Under 50 skill = 1.059 Multiplier 50 to 60 skill = 1.067 Multiplier 60 to 70 skill = 1.079 Multiplier 70 to 85 skill = 1.099 Multiplier 85 to 90 skill = 1.1 Multiplier 90 to 92 skill = 1.2 Multiplier 92 to 94 skill = 1.305 Multiplier 94 to 96 skill = 1.4055 Multiplier 96 to 99.0 skill = 1.5 99.0 to 99.99999 skill = 1.6 99.99999615 skill = 2.0 Note: These values are subject to change Some of these values may not seem like much but adding an extra two or three tiles to your max building size on planning really makes the difference and gives the player more room for creativity in their designs. Come play with us today! Join our discord for all updates.