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  1. Seperate settable skillrate for crafters would be really cool but if you adding that I suppose it would have to act like overall override. I'm also curious as to where it's set in the file? We use a custom skill ramping system and I would love to apply this to the crafter
  2. Is there a way to make the Crafter follow the server's current skill rate or set its own?
  3. I disabled a ton of mods and looked for errors and mostly it was template related errors which are nothing to really worry about, I still got the same nullpointerexception
  4. I did that aswell in the later config and it still threw out a NullPointerException when a user connects, like the error above
  5. Having some issues with the server packs/httpserver portion of this, never really encountered this issue [11:20:12 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.combat.ArmourTemplate: Item template id 978 has no ArmourTemplate, but one was requested. [11:20:12 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.players.Player: Armour is not in Armour list mask of the isles. [11:20:12 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.combat.ArmourTemplate: Item template id 978 has no ArmourTemplate, but one was requested. [11:20:12 AM] WARNING com.wurmonline.server.players.Player: Armour is not in Armour list mask of the isles. [11:20:12 AM] INFO ModComm: Received client handshake from Mikon, 1 channels, protocol version 1 [11:20:12 AM] INFO ModComm: Activating 1 channels for player Mikon [11:20:12 AM] SEVERE ModComm: Error in channel ago.serverpacks onPlayerConnected java.lang.NullPointerException at java.net.URI$Parser.parse(URI.java:3042) at java.net.URI.<init>(URI.java:588) at java.net.URI.create(URI.java:850) at java.net.URI.resolve(URI.java:1036) at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.mods.serverpacks.ServerPackMod$1.onPlayerConnected(ServerPackMod.java:69) at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modcomm.ModCommHandler.handlePacketChannels(ModCommHandler.java:65) at org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modcomm.ModCommHandler.handlePacket(ModCommHandler.java:19) at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.Communicator.reallyHandle(Communicator.java:2294) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketConnection.tick(SocketConnection.java:618) at com.wurmonline.communication.SocketServer.tick(SocketServer.java:172) at com.wurmonline.server.Server.run(Server.java:2527) at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Timer.java:555) at java.util.TimerThread.run(Timer.java:505) httpserver.config #Set a fixed port. If no port is selected a random free port will be used serverPort=8787 # Use this to announce a different server name or IP address to the clients # By default the setting "External Server IP Address" will be used for pack URLs # This setting may be required when doing port forwarding in the router publicServerAddress= # Use this to announce a different server port to the client # By default the serverPort or the automaticly choosen port will be used # This setting may be required when doing port forwarding in the router #publicServerPort=8787 # Sets a different address for the HTTP server to bind to. Can be to # bind to all interfaces. Default is external ip in server settings. #internalServerAddress= # Maximum number of threads to server downloads in parallel #maxThreads=50 Port is forwarded so I'm not sure the issue here, any suggestions? Serverpacks is present on the client but nothing issued in console indicating its attempting to download anything
  6. Monthly silver for the month of February is out! Get your monthly 5silver stipend from the start deed, Paradise Redisovered by examining the sign near the traders!
  7. Welcome to the Fox's Den! Hi! My name is Katie and I have 2 years of experience in hosting and modding Wurm Unlimited servers. I've hosted many other servers over the years but Wurm Unlimited was one that I always enjoyed hosting. Wurm Unlimited really brings people together and creates communities. My goal here is to create a relaxed, chill and custom experience. We are LGBTQ friendly! Please be sure to look at the rules! Server Name: The Fox's Den Server Address: Map Dump Wurm-Servers Listing My Website/Forums Join my Discord! Server FAQs! Server Details * 30 max players (more later) * No deed costs. (You start with 9 silver and get monthly stipend) * 35k mob count * Skill Ramping by Katie (See below) * 2.6x Action Speed * 2048x2048 map with 30k mobs, 10% aggressive * 8h Crops, No Crop Decay. * 3 day breed timers * Custom mods! Find the full list below * Custom Player made wagons, banners, and flags! * Inactive Deed Taxes Skill Ramping Skillramping is an all new system for skill modifiers by me and it scales based on your current skill. * Under 50 Skill = 5.0x Skill * Over 50, under 70 = 3.5 Skill * Over 70, under 80 = 2.0x Skill * Over 80, under 90 = 1.5x Skill * Over 90, under 98 = 1.2x skill * Over 98+ = 1.15x Skill Mods Most of the mods we used are made and maintained by me with the help of my wonderful Development team! If you would like a full description of some of the mods, visit my documentation page I highly encourage everyone to use Ago's Client Mod loader with serverpacks enabled so you can see our custom items! * Vanity pets - Allows for pet dragons to be spawned and used as pets which are also faster then some horses. * Chestload - Allows loading of more items into a wagon/cart * Creaturemod * TraderItems * TileChanges - Changes enchanted grass to be packed less and makes lawn tiles grazable * SteamIDs * StarterGear * StableMaster * SOTGFix - Reverts the Shield of the Gone change made by the Wurm Unlimited team to be its full prior 50% damage reduction instead of 30% * ServerTweaks * RSDiscordBot * AffinityCards * ChampionFixes * Pocket Dimensions - Bringing back old fountain containers * Custom Graphics and items: see them ingame! * MoreContainers * BetterGamemasters * Betterdig * BountyMod * BridgeMod * CarpentryRamping * ChampionTools * ChestClaim * CropMod * FireBurnTime * HarvestHelper * InfiniteWideEntry - Bigger mine entrances * MailFix * KarmaActions * MeditateMod * MoonMetalMiningMod * MoveMod * NewPortals * RarityChanges - Allows for rare bones to transfer their rarity to more items such as wagons, carts and all boat types. * SpellCraft * ShoulderPads * TreasureHunting * SalveMod * treasurechesttweaks - Fixes treasure chest to function like magical chests so that items inside do not suffer decay. * Betterfarm * and much more!
  8. Hi WersnclsME.

    I've been looking everywhere for a mod that rewards coin on bury, it looks like your mod can do this but I cant get it to work? am I missing something or does this mod not do what I think it does?

  9. Karma Actions provides players with more opportunities to gain karma by just doing normal every day tasks with no need to rely on rare source fountains or springs, for now the only actions are burying and creating graves, more actions will be added at a later date. This was initially a private mod but was released for the public to enjoy. Source: https://github.com/katieffy/KarmaActions Releases: https://github.com/katieffy/KarmaActions/releases Configuration Information: http://wudocs.rednecksolutions.info/mods/karmaactions/
  10. Hows the progress on this into a usable state?
  11. Citadel servers were pretty bad when I tried them and were way over crowded, so its no surprise they still suck. I got a refund because it was just a false advertisement of overcrowded services. I made a post back in 2015 about them and the performance was terrible.
  12. As many of you already know, I have left the Wurm Unlimited server a while back ago and decided to make an official post. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on the mods and playing with you all and it was one awesome ride but I'm not disappearing! I will still run the RSGaming(Redneck Solutions Gaming) community and plan to host more games for us in the future so stick around as more developments may occur. If you want additional information on mods, feel free to contact me as I am willing to sell them.
  13. I love the idea, and we don't necessary have to just make it just for modding, we can simply have text channels laid out for a wide range of things, modding including. I'd be willing to set one up