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  1. Update News Extra XP Weekend was deactivated and skill ramping values were returned to normal. This will now be a automatic process and will active every weekend on Saturday 12AM to until Monday 12AM CST (Thank you @MazzleRazz !!!) Players may now farm, sow, harvest, replant, pick, and prune while mounted Planter mod was updated Betterfarm mod was updated Update Schedule Changes Due to time constraints and not having much time alongside work, I’m changing how I do updates to weekly updates instead of As-needed. This will not reduce the amount of updates or the quality of the updates. There will also be less server shutdowns due to it being weekly updates aswell. These is no set maintenance schedule yet but updates will be either every Monday or Friday around 1-3am or 1-2pm Still looking for devs! I’m still looking for server admins and developers to help out! More info on this post here: http://kkamui.xyz/forum/topic/141/developer-applications
  2. Update News Speed of ship transporters were slightly adjusted to be faster Champion rechamp delay was reduced from 3 months to 2 months IRL time. GMs were given some tools to allow for champing of bugged players Tile events were enabled for GMs
  3. Update News Extra XP Weekend is now Active until Monday 14th at 1am Rowboat speed was doubled and should be faster but may need additional tweaking A donation alert was added to event. Server Name skill multiplier was corrected Support Tickets should now work correctly Extra XP Weekend This weekend will be our first Extra XP Weekend starting at June 12th 1AM to Monday 14th 1am All modifiers will have an additional 2 added on top of them. 0 to 60 = 8x Skill Modifier 65 to 70 = 5.5x Skill Modifier 70 to 80 = 4.0x Skill Modifier 80 to 90 = 3.5x Skill Modifier 90 to 98 = 3.2x skill Modifier Over 98+ = 3.15x Skill Modifier Around tonight at 1am, the servers will be going down to make this change and after the XP bonus will be activated. Upcoming Shop I will soon be adding a new shop to the site in which players can donate to the server by buying items not normally found in-game such as spyglasses, masks, shoulder pads, and other bundles. Ofcourse, there will be events on the server in the future to obtain these items but any items bought from the shop will go directly to server costs and development. Developer Applications A reminder that I am taking developer applications and server admins to help with the server. For now they are volunteer positions with the possibly of being paid in the future as the server earns more income. Any help at all is greatly appreciated Find more information here: http://kkamui.xyz/forum/topic/141/developer-applications
  4. Extra XP Weekend This weekend will be our first Extra XP Weekend starting at June 12th 1AM to Monday 14th 1am All modifiers will have an additional 2 added on top of them. 0 to 60 = 8x Skill Modifier 65 to 70 = 5.5x Skill Modifier 70 to 80 = 4.0x Skill Modifier 80 to 90 = 3.5x Skill Modifier 90 to 98 = 3.2x skill Modifier Over 98+ = 3.15x Skill Modifier Around tonight at 1am, the servers will be going down to make this change and after the XP bonus will be activated.
  5. Update News Vote reward amount will now properly reflect it’s message and give out 3s per vote per day. Removed some debug messages when loading certain items. Sleep Bonus was given out to all players as a thanks for joining! Server Information tab was fixed to show the proper discord channel invite link for donation information Server Relocation I want to keep you all updated as much as possible but I now have a guaranteed date for server relocation which will be on the 28th of this month. The server will be down for 1-2 days after, or a week at most. No data will be lost, only the server IP will change Taking new Developers! Due to time constraints and working many hours outside of wurm, I am looking for some help with mod development and server admins. I would appreciate any kind of help I can get and ofcourse I will still be present to guide and also develop mods alongside my devs as much as possible. You can find more information about it at the post: http://kkamui.xyz/forum/topic/141/developer-applications
  6. Update News Modded ItemID Conflicts should be fixed now and be their original item from Paradise
  7. Update Notes Creature count on Cerulean was reduced from 150k to 110k. This will continue to be tweaked over time. White light island was created and players can now convert at it White light island can be teleported to from the Portal at Cerulean Tides. Artifacts were enabled on Cerulean. Have fun hunting them! Uniques were enabled on Cerulean and will only spawn every 6 months. Cerulean Tides will now properly attack aggressive creatures. I hope you all are enjoying the new server map launch and stick with is for all the fun new features soon! (For those who don't know about Cerulean, check out the post)
  8. Update News Cerulean has launched and is now the main server! It's an entirely new map and is the main map now! Players can now harvest while mounted Paradise will remain up but no longer travelable so players can transfer to the new server. Server Information tab was updated to reflect new links and maps Cerulean Launched! Cerulean has been fully launched and is now the main server! Cerulean will replace Paradise and you will not be able to travel to Paradise after 1 week time. All new players will now spawn on Cerulean instead. Map Size: 4096x4096 Creatures: 150k with 20% aggressive Starting Skills: Characteristics: 30.0 Mind Logic: 28.0 Body Control: 28.0 Fight Skill: 30.0 All Other Skills: 30.0 3x Action Speed 5x Starting Ramping Skill Gain Modifiers, More Info here HoTA Enabled No Deed Costs Upkeep Costs (You start with 9 silver and get monthly stipend) 8h Crops, No Crop Decay. 3 day breed timers Custom mods! Same As Paradise but the whole list can be found here Custom Player made wagons, banners, and flags! Inactive Deed Taxes 38-43 Minimum Mining Hits per rock wall Livemap Update every day Server Connections Viridian will remain to be on the northern side of the map Paradise is temporarly linked on the eastern side of the map Fuschia is currently down for an extended rework but will return eventually and remain on the western side of the map. Other Information Over time, more starter cities will be created and added for new players to spawn at and will be added based on most traveled areas and in places we think players might find appealing to settle in. Any accounts that are on Paradise have been moved to the starting city Paradise Rediscovered and can only teleport to Cerulean. No items in inventory will be lost. I hope you all will join us for this new map launch!
  9. Server Retirement All Wurm Unlimited servers will be taken down due to lack of interest from players and myself until further notice. If there is demand or interest in the server again, it will be put back up. Maps and player data are not being deleted but backed up and put on a storage drive until further notice and player interest has picked up, which I think is unlikely due to the low player count for months but I can hope.
  10. Server News 12-21-20 to 12-25-20 Livemaps operational! All live maps are working again! Paradise: http://kkamui.xyz/wu-map/ Viridian: http://kkamui.xyz/wu-map/viridian Fuschia: http://kkamui.xyz/wu-map/fuschia All maps are updated every day for now to help with server performance. Degraded Network Performance The server has been experiencing degraded network performance and might be for a while. My ISP lists me as in a outage area and nothing can be done to really at the this time as it is in their hands. Occasional latency and loss of internet entirely has been par for the course at this point and all I can do is restart my modem as it happens (which usually helps to a degree or outright fixes it for a certain amount of time) I will keep you updated as much as possible. Fuschia Server Planned Changes have been cancelled Major reconsideration for Fuschia over the past months have made me reevaluate my stance on it and at this point I will be canceling the Fuschia plan for now, reasons why below PVP Servers are dependent upon medium to high player counts of dedicated players. At this time we do not have such a high playerbase to support a PVP server. Massive rewrites of how portal code would be required and while this would normally be fine, I do not currently have the time to complete this in a timely manner by myself. This could change if I had help from another developer. PVE Mods and changes are my main focus as that is where the main player base is currently, shifting focus entirely to a PVP server that might or might not take off could be detrimental. The playerbase is very small at the moment, splitting it up further would be detrimental. All these reasons have led me to shelf the Fuschia PVP server plan for now until we have more players or interest becomes overwhelmingly positive to the idea. It is also yet to be determined if Fuschia as a server itself will stick around, current ideas are to change it to a hunting PVE server with an extremely high mob count or just another PVE Map to the cluster. Thank you for understanding and I will keep everyone updated on this in the future if interest picks up again. New suggestion forum has been added and can be found here Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. Server Update A Tool Purchaser can be found at each spawn that will buy your tools based a price and their material! You can now level rock tiles just like dirt tiles. Concrete now only needs 1 tile to be exposed instead of 4 Milkable animals will now be able to be milked every 2 hours Players can now lead 4 animals instead of 2 Players under 20 fightskill can now repair towers. There is now a portal back from the Whitelight to Viridian City Monthly Silver has been handed out for the month of December. A Steam auth issue was fixed and should rarely happen now
  12. The server is back up! I apologize for the extended downtime, after some time finding a new host and life events, the server has returned! Updates will return to normal along with plans to resume Fuschia rework! The server IP has changed and has been updated in the main post.
  13. Server Updates Pet Card Bundles have been added to a special voucher merchant at each starter town. A voucher merchant at each starter town has been added selling strange special items. Stat ramping has changed and follows a different ramping curve now. More Details below. Vouchers A new voucher system has been added and works as a new currency that players can obtain from making donations, doing certain server events, slaying dragons and gaining certain achievements! While this system is still a work in process and will have many new features added to it over time, I've included some interesting items that you can buy and use now once you get vouchers! Buff Cards Certain specialized items and buffs could be purchased from a 'Voucher merchant' for vouchers at each spawn town, some of which are: Rarity Chance Up, Bounty Increase Up, Cast Chance Up, and many more! These buffs will only last for a certain amount of time but will offer a marked increase in an aspect for a certain amount of time. Some items were also added such as: Source Compounds, Nametags, Tower Converter Cards and much more! Ofcourse, there are many more to be added in the future! Stat ramping Skill multipliers for body, mind and soul stats have changed. Previously they scaled with the overall skill ramping modifier that was based on skill, that has now changed. Body Strength, Control, and Mind Speed Skill Modifier is now 2.0x at 40 skill and scales downward the higher it becomes. Body Stamina Skill Modifier is now 2.6x at 40 skill and scales downward the higher it becomes. Mind Logic and Mind Speed is now 3.0x at 40 skill and scales downward the higher it becomes. Skill modifiers for all other skills still work the same and follow their previous scale 0 to 60 = 5.0x Skill Modifier 65 to 70 = 3.5x Skill Modifier 70 to 80 = 2.0x Skill Modifier 80 to 90 = 1.5x Skill Modifier 90 to 98 = 1.2x skill Modifier Over 98+ = 1.15x Skill Modifier
  14. Teleport Hub Some small changes have been made to the destinations of the teleport hub. Teleporting to the Event Deed is now possible for our future events deed and custom banner & wagon musem! Each teleport in every start city will now teleport to the center of the Teleport hub in Paradise instead of the token of Paradise. Other Additions Towers have been placed on every road to each starter city to help newer players move around and deal with mobs easier!