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  1. I have submitted two names 1 for pve and one for pvp! I wanted to go with the old wurm theme of servers! PVP: Forsaken PVE: Sovereignty
  2. This is some very impressive work, no really applauds! I havent been this hooked on every patch for a long time, its a treat to read every valrei international as we get closer to the steam launch. Speaking of the steam launch will you still make it for mid summer 2020 or even "Midsummer" I can understand if you dont want to give exact dates to dissapoint anyone incase of delays but im just curious if its still on track! I hope we get the 3 classic kingdsom for the pvp servers, aint no wurm without our glorious banners! If thats the case I think somehow introducing the old anthems to the new steam community would be a great idea, it would be great to have them play as you choose which kingdom to start along with showing the banner in the background! Link to these songs for those who havent heard: Jenn Kellon: Horde of the summoned (aka BL): Mol Rehan:
  3. Is it possibel to get old affliction in the same way? or does that already exist?
  4. Could you also correct the path of hate bonuses? The dmg increase on players doesnt exist anymore right?
  5. Path of hate is also showing the old bonuses as far as I can see
  6. While I agree that the majority of gamers want fast paced instant reward systems these days (as can be seen quite easily from modern multiplayers being released like fortnite) there is still a large audience who like the slow grind. EVE is one of the few games on the market who reached a high pop while still boosting a system that takes 3 years + to reach the competitive end game and where you can sit and watch some lasers absorb a rock for 3 months straight back and forth between your base only to afford a larger cargo hold. But games that take alot of time for progress is having a come back, WoW Classic was a success by far and its way way waaaaay slower then retail in almost every aspect as even getting a mount in that game takes hours of mindless material grinding to scrap some gold. Then we have path of exile who follows the same type where you can replay the game a hundred times only to get a few more stats on your main character or old runescape and so on and so on. To me though I dont personally like the grind when it gets to "repetitive or mindless" I like a game that takes A LONG TIME to reach anywhere in said skills or progress but I dont support that it have to be boring and mindless grind as the only way to reach that goal. For these changes that spices up the grind im more then happy but dont make the game any easier, thats not wurm, those games we already have a ton off in the market.
  7. The steam server feels like a test for wurm, if it gets a new popular crowd (its what they are hoping) then they can put more man hours on improving the game to stand the test of time. Even though WU got 70% positive reviews it was only a test to see if wurm had a market still, the complicated and tricky server setups put off alot of steamers but some servers managed to flourish. Wurm Online suffers from not reaching out to any audience and has been forgotten in time. I believe the steam server approach is a great way for wurm to be reborn. Some errors was corrected and have been removed for this new start in wurm such as player gods and meta mediation paths, RMT, god armageddon events etc. If it succeeds im sure they will feel like its worth putting money to tackle the rest of wurm and grow from there, new combat system, improved servers you name it.
  8. Really good job on the UI, its great to have in world text and an option to search in the inventory etc. This is an update with only 100% progress and positive outcome in my point of view! Hats of to you dev team. (Although im a wood fanatic I will miss the old woody!)
  9. I agree its good to make it easier for new players in this game as I know many friends who never got the hang of the game in early stages until I had to give some aid. However wurm shouldnt allowe ppl not to need others, the game is built on the concept that you pick a path and get good in that area this is why the market was such a big thing in early days and still is in some areas. For example when the steam server launches id like to see some players only making bricks perhaps creating a quarry and others a lumberjack and so on. Everyone will need to work together early on to finish a city, we most not remove this from the early game or we will kill the bonds these communities make in wurm. My fix for the 100% chance to succeed is to either have a timer just like the mob aggro nerf, as someone else posted already. Or make the option to make a crude variant of each starting bulk item that has a 100% chance of being made but will always be worse then the original. Lets say a stone house made of crude bricks would take damage 4 times easier. While this works fine for your first houses you now still have a desire to hire or become a mason yourself in order to improve.
  10. Be careful when you make changes to make wurm easier as to help a new crowd. Wurm is a very unique game, it forces players to work together to be able to reach their goals. Especially early on in the game thats when the friendships were made, when you were as most vulnerable and dependant on others more experianced than yourself. I dont doubt you all are thinking carefully when you make the changes to wurm but always consider what you want wurm to be and if its not what wurm used to be then make sure you make it work for the new crowd as you might lose the old one in the change.
  11. Exciting! Cant wait to start on a fresh wurm steam server with a mixed community of new and old players (hopefully). I hope the pvp server will also be released not to long after.
  12. I could see both sides of it, maybe its because im used to the WO system rather then the WU system that I think it fits better. Atleast in some situations the harder you struggle the more you learn, if you are given a handicap from superior tools or equipment then technically it should make things easier for you and you wont have learned as much in the end. But thats just my view of it and probably the view of the devs when they made the original skilling system. Its a good system though: High ql tools = more mats/shorter timer,higher ql items harvested/made Lower ql tools = more skills/longer timer, lower ql items harvested/made On WU you start with horrible tools and horrible skills, but you can easily be boosted by a older player giving you high ql tools making your timers near non existent and your early farming way faster then a new player who didnt get the same aid. But on WO the tool you start with is technically already the best tool for you to gain skills with, there is no way another player can boost you other then give you enchanted items but this goes for both clients (although on WU the speed enchant also increases the skill gain even futher). Its kind of a loophole where the futher into the game you are the easier you can gain skill on WU (aside from the ticks getting lower) while its supposed to be the opposite, making it harder for you the futher you go. Thats how you make sure that when someone is training their skills they arent able to farm for the market at the sametime, its 1 or the other not both at once.
  13. I have played this game for about 7 years now (not that it makes my point more valid or anything) but during that time I have tryid Epic/freedom/unlimited servers and have started over many times where my first account was on epic. Trying the diffrent skilling systems I have to say old Epic was the best mix of them all for me, the times 2 and curve really helped with crafting and catching up in pvp. The worst one would be unlimited's system for me as it doesnt feel like it goes with wurms initial idea, it feels weird for example that high ql tools gives you more skills then lower ql as that should technically make things easier for you and therefore give you less experiance in working with that tool. While in combat its the otherway around where high ql weapons kills your enemies faster giving you less ticks while in the original wurm more damage = larger ticks of skills. So according to me it goes Old Epic system - Freedom Hardcore System - Wurm Unlimited System(new epic system). That being said the idea of letting ppl start with 10-15 skills isnt half bad, my advice would be to let ppl choose a few proffessions as they enter the game, like maybe give them a small quiz where they answer 10 questions and depeding on their answers they starts with 10+ in certain skills (not all of them, you most still feel the grind of starting with something completly new aswell). So for example if the question was: When you entered adulthood you often earned a few coins helping the local...... Smith (10+ smithing) Farmer (10+ farming) Tailor (10+ tailoring) Carpenter (10+ carpenter) (Then doing similiar with fighting related skills like archery, sword, axe and so on) I also do not think they server should merge if they go well, ppl wont take it well if they see ppl coming over with 10 years + experiance into the community/world they built up from scratch on steam. Otherwise im really excited to start on the new server and see how the steam community will behave as I like to help small communitys grow.
  14. So its a fresh reset like old epic? Is it using the freedom skill system or the curve? Also will it reset eventually?
  15. You dont count! yeah its unlimited alot these days?
  16. Thanks for the answer matie. So then theoretically I should be able to build this close? (see imgur) The colossus is terraformed lower not to show the foot but its supposed to be sharing the same tile border as the structure next to it
  17. Is there a "minimum" distance to a colossus for which a structure can be placed? Like for towers where structures to close to it will despawn?
  18. The crafter one gets rare metals and able to choose 1 affinity, I think th epirest should have atleast one more bonus reward in the journal
  19. Isnt it frustrating telling your friends about that time you killed the sea serpent while they shake their heads in disbelief? Dont you wish you could store cremated ashes of your countless fallen enemies over your kitchen stove? Well say no more, introducing the new (suggested) skill for wurm: Mortician a sub skill under alchemy! Mortician will be a proffession that can prolong corpses from decay using a series of methods named below: Embalming Cremation Burial (This includes new special gravestones) Embalming uses a mixed chemical "Natron" to embalm a body decreasing its decay rate depending on the ql of the mixture. Most be done on an unbutchered/unrebirthed corpse. Embalmed bodies may be butchered or rebirthed after but this will remove the effect. 20 ql = decreases decay dmg by 5% 50 ql = decreases decay dmg by 35% 90 ql = decreases decay dmg by 90% Cremation (unlocked at Mortician skill level 50) burns the body into ashes, cremated bodies lasts forever if placed in an urn with a seal. Destruction of the urn will result in loss of the ashes. Cremation most be done on a corpse that havent been butchered or rebirthed, cremating a body removes the option to butcher/rebirth the corpse after. Burial introduces new gravestones and containers for Mortician, using stone cutting for improvement. Skill level 20 unlocks "Decorated gravestone" (A decorative gravestone made out of marble with fine inscriptions written upon it .....) Skill level 35 unlocks "Tombstone" (A container made of stone allowing to carry up to 4 corpses or a maximum of 200kg, with other words allowing 100kg corpses to be stored who wont fit in coffins) Skill level 60 unlocks "Egyptian sacrophage" (A gravestone made out of sandstone with egyptian appeal ,there is a detailed inscription written upon it ............) Skill level 75 unlocks "Norse runestone" (A gravestone made out of riftstone in pagan style, there is a heroic tale written upon it ...........................) The gravestones allowes the maker to write a short inscription after the original "R.I.P Playername" this can be read upon examining it. Decorated allowes 15 letters example: R.I.P Playername "A good friend" Egyptian allowes 25 letter: R.I.P Playername "First king of Mol Rehan" Norse allowes a final of 60 letters. R.I.P Playername "First of his name, ruler of blahblah, beloved and missed" Mortician will offer a way to preserve history in a more grand way in Wurm and allowe better storage of bodies aswell as somewhere to put those extremly large champion/dragon corpses. I could see players paying handsomely to have their trophy kill preserved or to make a monumental graveyard. Titles: Skill 50 Undertaker Skill 70 Desiarologist Skill 90 Valkyrie/Shemira/Sphinx (or something of the like) Let me know in comments below if this is a proffession you feel is missing in wurm or something you would like to see more content for.
  20. Why do ppl use cheats, how can so many think its fun to play outside the rules?
  21. Anyone know what the dark skull mask is made of in material? The wiki says: "oleanderwood, gold, and silver. Each variant does give a different visual look based on that material." There are 4 diffrent colours/materials in total. If anyone know the name of the dark one id appreciate it alot ^ ^ NVM it was orleanderwood, I thought that would be the white one.