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  1. @Dalby Oh no. I'm not blaming Cybertron at all. Because we do have enough Vynora priests to support both preaching groups in Inde. But since both groups are massively slow (I'm the only one online in Port Onody), I think (temporarily) that all Vynora priests interested go to Cybertron for the time being.
  2. Just posted something concerning Vynora priests being scattered... Since (according to my Mag Priest friend) Cyberton is more active than P.O.O.P. I may move there but depends on the replies to that thread.
  3. All right, here is the issue. There are currently 2 major Vynora preaching groups in Independence. One is Port Onody's preaching group and the other is Cybertron's Multi-Preaching group. I am part of Port Onody's preaching group, but with the lack of activity and lack of Vynora priests at Port Onody and at Cybertron, I've decided to bring to attention that none of the Vynora priests at Port Onody or Cybertron are gaining faith because the Vynora priests have now scattered. I am now asking for a unification of the Vynora priests. We, Vynora priests, either decide to flock to Port Onody's preaching group or Cybertron's preaching group. This way we will actually have preaching, prayer resets, and links. State your opinions and your decisions as to where you would like to go. Thanks Here is the link to the map: Thanks again guys... Hope this helps with our faith gains
  4. 18 Emeralds (QL 370) - 7.39 Silver 13 Opals (QL 275) - 5.5 Silver 12 Diamonds (QL 255) - 5.11 Silver 16 Rubies (QL 341) - 6.82 Silver 6 Sapphires (QL 130 ) - 2.61 Silver Total QL = 1370 All 65 worth - 27 Silver Selling for - 15 Silver Cybertron would be the most convenient meeting spot, but delivery fees can be negotiated. PM Banzai/Jouishishi (PST)(if you want to contact in game)
  5. Looking for a Vynora sermon/prayer group in the Southeastern (Sharfin Peak)... Reply ASAP (I'm starting a Vynora priest, current faith is 29 and getting prem the second I join a prayer group... IGN: Banzai Thanks!
  6. I will be on 9:30 PM Pacific Time Tell me what account u want me to sell u the referral
  7. hey my ign is Banzai, pm me in game