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  1. sold

    Starting bid: 100s Min Increment: 5s Buyout: PM me Sniper Protection: 2 hours The casts are WA casts. Accepting verified PayPal at 1E/1s rate. Edit: Added 2h sniper protection
  2. Cool. Thanks for the source rift extensions. But reducing weight is going to be OP. Increasing volume capacity as well. I can already see 1kg total weight PvPer with a max volume BoK. But I'm sure you guys will work out a good balance.
  3. Looking for 90 Euros or 1 gold. Verified PayPal only. PM if interested. Cheers.
  4. bump. vote so we can present the information to the devs!
  5. My satirical thread got rekt. Made an actual formal poll. Hopefully people will actually vote how they feel.
  6. Some sorcery tomes (valeri tomes) have different karma spells for male and female characters. The most controversial one is the Blood of Angels. It gives male toons Continuum (20%) damage reduction and it gives female toons Mirrored Self (A spell that makes 3 illusions). Continuum is a million times better than Mirrored Self and giving female toons a disadvantage is IMO really, really messed up. People who've made female toons will feel cheated and people will only make male toons when they learn of this disadvantage. I personally feel like this is ridiculous. I was made aware of this when Smejack posted about it and heard again today that it wasn't fixed. People should not be put at a disadvantage for using, in this case (Blood of Angels), a female toon.
  7. no. but i heard that this wasn't changed. thought that was ridiculous. made a post.
  8. woah. looks like satire is bit much for the wurm peeps. i guess ill make a nice little formal delicate thread. pls close.
  9. Looks like you didn't read my post and just read the poll. You should read the OP. Because you wouldn't have said the things you just said if you actually read it.
  10. I thought this changed when you first made the topic. I didn't think twice. Today I learned it wasn't. Gotta make a poll for it to be compelling enough for the Devs.
  11. Because it is. Giving females the far inferior spell is nothing short of it imho. Yes, this isn't RL sexism, we're not crazy. Maybe my poll does seem a little bit extreme but that's for some added lulz. If you do truly agree you should vote yes. Despite the fact the poll choices are crude, the statistics will be provided to the Devs.
  12. 500E~ I'd have to say. I mean it's a good account and would've sold for more like a year ago. But account prices are an all time low. Seen 50+ body accounts go for 150E and less. GL with the sale.
  13. cod supreme ropetool to hisoka
  14. sold thx

  15. sold

    Bump. Great starter account.
  16. sounds like the typical deed it or lose it situation. soz m8. u just got bested m8. I thought this was another whine and cry thread but now that i reread the OP I realize there is a lot more involved, I apologize for my comment.