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    Affinities aren't showing up on Niarja so I'll list them:



    Body Strength

    Short bow


    Fine carpentry

    Ship building

    Toy making (2) <---- meaning it has 2 affinities on one skill




    Dairy food making

    Defensive fighting

    Normal fighting


    Stone cutting

     Miscellaneous items (2)



    Animal taming




    Medium metal shield (2)

    Small wooden shield

    Shield smithing (2)

    Weapon smithing (2)









    35 Affinities Total


    Comes empty and has no premium time. Has Path change available. 


    Verified PayPal or Amazon gift card.


    I genuinely don't know the market nowadays so PM with offers. Thanks!

  2. Spoiler


    All drake sets are higher than 80ql (great helm not included)










       UJ7vOMDm.jpg   DpbkPlam.jpg   




    Drake set 4 & 5 (from left to right)




    Drake set 1: White drake set with dye (Colors: R=246, G=7, B=154)

    Notable casts: 92 WA on chest low WA casts on others, all pieces have A tin rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) EXCEPT one sleeve.

    Asking 50E SOLD


    Drake set 2: Blue drake set with dye (Colors: R=151, G=37, B=101)

    Rare: 1 rare boot

    Notable casts: 96 WA on chest, 98 WA on pants, 100 WA on rare boot, 85+ WA on all other pieces. chest and pants have A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%)

    Asking 60E SOLD


    Drake set 3: White drake set with dye (Colors: R=81, G=81, B=169)

    Notable casts: 99 WA and 96 WA on the gloves. 75+ WA casts on other pieces.

    Asking 50E SOLD



    Drake set 4: Green drake set not sure if dyed (Colors: R=236, G=134, B=19)

    Notable casts: 95 WA on chest 70+ WA on all other pieces. 

    Asking 50E


    Drake set 5: Green drake set with dye (Colors: R=7, G=7, B=7)

    Asking 50E




    Drake set 6: Red drake set including cap with dye (Colors: R=6, G=6, B=6)

    Rare: 1 rare sleeve

    Asking 60E SOLD





    Taking verified PayPal or Amazon gift cards. 



  3. If you want to purchase all of it, i'll do 170e for 2g.


    Otherwise 0.9e/1s


    Verified PayPal or Amazon gift card.  


    PM me if interested. Thanks.



  4. On 6/25/2017 at 3:04 AM, Bloodscythe said:

    The pvp aspect to wurm is the height of wurm expression as it allows the full spectrum of all the game mechanics and offerings of abilities and features.  Most of the time it is a far more rewarding experience then forums would have you think and so much more cooperation, trust, and team work than, ironically , the freedom servers non pvp.  I like pvp and pve for their differences equally.  


    one note:  I can't help but think the loot value and ability to secure on freedom server for chaos vs epic cluster non secure way to bring to home server but still be hunted down is at the root of why you see more deeply cutting personal attacks, deeper hatred, and as a result, actions that go beyond the game mechanics intentions in getting that loot.  ie Cancer.


    As a parlay of that supposition, I interpret Enki's latest missive to be about sorting normal pvp action to actions with intents and game play beyond the scope of mechanics and intentions.  In the past,  the "hard line" was did they do actions outside of game realm or did they subvert/thwart/hack game mechanics to achieve results.  That is something definitively understandable to game players and staff alike.  If I read into correctly,  It seems now added is the notion of intent like on pve server of play nice or rip your heart out notion that if actions are determined to have intent beyond game play rules/and intention that could also be subject to ban penalty.  That is a slippery slope which i think many players fear and will cause great confusion and uncertainty.  I believe we've now crossed into that arena in an attempt to stymie corrupt players if you will and behavior not fitting of the game..whatever that has come to mean.


    I'm not sure I have this right, yet that is my read.  If I have it right, this is going to be very very hard on staff mostly to debate and conclude, and very very frustrating to players causing even further erosion of faith in the game and staff.  This looks like a bad direction to be heading into.


    I have no solutions to offer yet will add that over the time I've played there have been ongoing instances across many kingdoms doing nefarious actions to steal avatars against others will and potentially illegally, as well as loot in this manner in a way most can see was beyond the call of intention, spirit, rules of the game.  we've seen people infiltrate deeds/alliances for sole purpose to do harm/sabotage/theft on pve side.  On pvp side there was less of that style until the last couple of years bewildering players.  collectively the vast majority of these extreme cases,player base and staff alike could agree offense was done beyond the call of the game and threatens the future of the game and players yet few can agree on the solutions.  


    Seems also an attempt now is being made to prevent the climate existing like in the game EVE.  I've not played EVE, yet knew a a person in wurm pvp who did.  They took that mindset to wurm and also the actions.  To them,  an aspect of the game was to at any cost attack,infiltrate,take by means of ddosing ip's, outside game forums and voips manipulation, planting characters in enemy kingdoms with sole purpose to use them to gain access to valuable loot and sabotage deeds.   This also happened on freedom side as well.  That mentality is fully acceptable and expected in EVE as de rigueur.  I think it is that very thing wurm now struggles with how to isolate.  ultimately it is up to players, as to which type of game experience it is you want.  I know I've taken my hits and dislikes, and targeted by other actions to malign for standing up against mean spirited, intentionally abusive actions and players, as such made my stance of how i choose to play whether on pvp or pve server.