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  1. E3

    Watchdogs looks like it's going to make GTA:V look like San Andreas haha. Man, looks like it's going to be a good year for Ubisoft.
  2. Can't help but think how well this all coincided with the ArmA2 mod, DayZ.
  3. Woot, Cave Canal picture.
  4. Money was no object haha, though, coming up 6 years without an upgrade certainly makes it worth it - plays all the games no troubles.
  5. Wait, so this is a relatively good build these days? I thought it was mid-range. When I built my PC bout 5 years ago it cost me $3000, are you telling me that everything has come down that much? Haven't really followed price trends or parts for a while, haven't needed to upgrade yet - might have a look into it now heh.
  6. He's got his HDDs from his current one that he can just chuck over. It just died on him and he has been asking about upgrades for a little while now, finally decided to go for it.
  7. My friend wants me to pop him out a PC that can play Diablo3 and some other games, has a $1500 budget. So far I have a list of stuff, just wondering what your guys input would be. ~$260 Mobo: ~$290 GFX: ~$300 CPU: ~$50 Cooling: ~$80 RAM: All up, it's just over $1000 here in NZ, so throw in a Chassis and PSU for $400 to hit the budget - awaiting his input on his choice for that one. What do you guys think, any suggestions/alterations? Cheers
  8. I imagine that a TES:Online game is just going to be servers filled with stealth archers haha
  9. I don't play, but my sisters BF is a freak for it. Think his PSN is Rattles
  10. To be completely honest, the moment you start thinking of whats the point in life, is the moment you need to stop thinking of that. It leads to a lot of dead end thoughts, just enjoy what you have and make the most of everyday. Find something, anything, that takes your mind off thoughts like that.