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  1. I'll reach out to you in game, while we are strongly established on Xanadu I'm certain that we can craft a long lasting partnership. I love the idea behind your project and I'd be happy to support it!
  2. While I have a dedicated deed and village of my own to maintain and manage, if your government is in the need of leather goods please feel free to reach out. Every good worker needs a custom tailored tool belt and the soldiers will certainly need form fitting gear! I'll always support a community fostering positivity and training the next generation of Wurmians!
  3. If this change were to be moved forward I'd love to see it done this way. Wurm has always been about discovery by players and I feel that this would be a natural evolution of the current system.
  4. Sorry for the delay in payment. was unable to log in for a while. Pleasure doing business!
  5. 85,58ql rare stone chisel, iron - 88botd // 4s 82,61ql rare pickaxe, iron - 97botd // 5s Send to Vogar Please
  6. I'll be doing my best to attend this year. I'll pencil this into my schedule! Imping skills of note: Leatherworking: 93 Masonry 71 If possible I'd love a room with two beds for "Vogar" and "Doryian" Thank you!!!
  7. I think the key point to be made throughout the thread would be to have a better way for mayors to resize the deed without needing to own everything. Expanded version of that would be to find some method of fairly delegating ownership after a citizen either leaves the deed or is inactive for an extended time.
  8. Fantastic service with a smile, always a pleasure and I'll definitely be back with a return purchase! +Rep
  9. 90,19ql awl, iron - 91woa // 1s 92,89ql leather knife, iron - 100woa // 2s 90,46ql mallet, oakenwood - 99woa 85coc // 1,40s 100ql large rat pelt - 82woa 89coc // 75c 100ql mountain lion pelt - 91woa 95coc // 1,75s 100ql whetstone - 92woa 91coc // 1,50s Sent to Vogar please.
  10. From what was witnessed in the livestream, the adventure mode comes with an alter of 3 as well as for custom servers you will be able to create one with GM powers
  11. Are you able to change the weather or wind globally? or is it purely local?