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  1. Lately, I have seen items many items sell for the value of the cast. I would assume if you add up the value of the AOSP casts here the set in casts is worth 7 silver. Add another 85 copper for the imped to 85 ql of the set, so total value around 7 to 8 silver? It is worth it as it gives very good protection while (afik) not impacting on speed as much as chain or plate. Edit: That being said it is no guarantee you will get that much in the current market.
  2. Please bring back animal colours (tints) and huge sizes for champs, perhaps throw in the mix some other graphics like cute unicorn babies and bison babies headbutting...cute things always appreciated. +1
  3. +1 Please for colours and other suggestions of the OP. Would get me back into Wurm.
  4. Roads that are indicated as highways that either are non existent or single tile only, please take off map. Highways which should be indicated Plus please add position of the Little market at Spawn:
  5. Horseshoes can be mailed if they are in a container like a satchel or a barrel or backpack.
  6. Gongorkain sorry, yes, you did not say "Leave Wurm". However, the fact is that perhaps some people may think that way if the vision they bought into, keeps changing. You said: "If you want total peace from mobs, build tall walls and hire more than one templar, then never leave your deed. " "If you do not want to pay for the extra Templars, well sorry, because that is your greatest safety net, and the only one I will ever vote for implementing. " I believe dragons at first did not hit walls just for the reasons you are mentioning here: They were never supposed to terrorize people who do not want to leave their deeds and who are willing to pay for a templar to protect themselves. Then, of course, some folks decided to exploit this by penning dragons and harvesting the eggs. Some other folks made a noise about this and then dragons were allowed to target and bash walls, so they could not be penned indefinitely. The repercussion of this was that now they can flatten deed walls, even those you suggested to build for deed protection namely tall walls. They then proceed to destroy your deed for which you paid and for which you hired a templar to protect you from mobs and which you walled with tall walls, just as you suggested. Now, because guards are not as strong as a lot of people think, the mobs entering your deed through a hole they made in your tall wall, won't be killed (either because they are a unique, or because guards cannot kill stronger creatures like champion trolls, let alone a dragon). As I said before: It used to be a case of "If you play PVE you just need to grind your fighting to 70, get some decent armour and a decent weapon, and you are relatively safe when you venture out of your deed (which, if walled by tall walls and a paid for templar, would be 100% safe)." Now it is a case of - Tall walls won't protect you , neither will a templar or three. You are not safe on your paid for, walled and templared deed, neither are you safe when you sail around even with a friend who also happens to have over 70 FS, decent armour and a decent weapon. Why? Because the vision has now changed, hasn't it? I don't think local deed terrorizing was the goal here, tbh. I believe stopping the penning of dragons was the goal, and the deed terrorizing was just the result. Sea serpents? Yes sure, they provide a challenge for those who choose to fight them, but yes, not allowing them to stop aggro is not on, especially given how tower guards are now as slow as snails. You suggest "pay for extra templars" and "pay for a posse of people to come kill the dragon". Why is this necessary? If someone did what you suggested, namely build tall walls and hired a templar, why should they PAY more to get mobs now changed to flatten walls, killed? Like I said before, more templars won't help because they don't kill uniques. Furthermore, I don't think it is fair to ask people to pay more to play a game if they want to stay on their deed and craft.