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  1. Truth LOL, i would never find this if someone didn't post it
  2. Just throwing this out there for priest spells. Mag : Inferno, 40 Favor, 50 Difficulty. 20 cast timer Vyn : Hypothermia: 50 Favor. 30 Difficulty. 15 cast timer Lib: Worm Brains 40 Favor, 40 Difficulty. 15 cast timer I'm not sure how each of these spells scale off channeling Im assuming Vyn has the highest scaling then mag and Lib least channeling scaling. First I think they should all have normalized cast timer either make them all 15 second cast timer or 20 second. Also for spells that do so much dmg, I think the Favor to dmg ratio is way to low, I would like to see all 3spells to have 60-70 favor cost.
  3. Doesn't this change help your first points of having to move away, reposition and cast, if you want to be naked and cast you better have good positioning. This change helps create new dynamics in pvp. A. priest who will choose to continue to have max penalty and be tanky and have crazy positional awareness to be able to get out of combat take off armor and cast a a spell, Risky af, but tanky when not casting spell. B. priest who will continue to have max penalty and be tanky and not care about casting penalty and just cast with armor on. C. priest who will wear none penalty armor and cast when ever, less tanky but no need to risk being naked. D. priest who will wear none penalty armor and cast when they cant reposition, or get naked when they have the ability to reposition and strip off armor. E. priest who have bonus casting armor and being the least tanky but be able to cast max powers without having to take off armor. If anything this creates a lot more variety to how priest want to play.
  4. Just allow all kingdoms to pick 1 of the 4 priest simple, Hots is where people go if they wanna be able to kill everyone, doesn't have to be purely for lib. Fixes the issue of bl only having 1 priest and also fixes the issue of Wl saying Lib priest are to strong, Would just have to fix how alignment worked on pvp
  5. Make pillars strong again, longer cd more favor cost, so that you have to place them and time them correctly to be useful
  6. Have any of the devs checked on if scorn is bugged and if scorn is able to heal a wound completely it does and bypasses the healing resist. I think someone brought it up being bugged can't confirm I dont have a lib priest.
  7. Oh I like this idea more! Nice suggestion, still allows for taking off armor and eliminates the issue of priest taking off armor for a split second
  8. Agree 100%, just make it so if you have entered combat you are unable to take off armor,
  9. Ok yeah lol, I was curious how we were getting people to like 25% 3 times and each time they would get healed completely. I wonder if its just from Scorn or if lof also has the same affect.
  10. Are you saying, healing resistance isnt working?
  11. Also wanted to point out that the finger of fo doesnt give a healing debuff it seems.
  12. Incentives to live on PvP servers Legit zero reason to live on pvp server beside having a chance to fight someone. Figure out how to get people out in the wild, hence more organic conflict occurs. Atm legit no reason not to grind on pve, chance of rare, means more chance to sell it for silver, and thus silver is turned into sleep bonus increasing skill gain. Safer on pve also for skilling weapon skills and sub fighting why risk it when you can do it on pve. How to make people live on pvp, only reason people play on the pvp server is for the pvp, so find a way to help more pvp occur, offdeed minedoors is a good first step, small groups go out to roam since they feel safer due to mines they can retreat to, and once they are trapped their allies will come to rescue them and more enemies will converse hence more pvp occurs. Off Deed Mines Cap the ql of the minedoor, suggestion is no higher than 50ql. Make it so this new type of minedoor can't be placed 10 tiles of each other. Roaming Incentives How would the coding for the roaming depo work? Priest Balance Atm firepillar legit feels like a waste of time. It does legit no dmg and isnt rewarding to having a well placed firepillar. Enemies stand on firepillar because it no longer does any dmg so its no longer used as a zoning tool, a core spell for Mag. Battle Camp Hota As a player I never cared about hota, beside the fight, I don't care much for this looking for them ect, I preferred the old system I think the old system was a lot better for early stages of the game. Also on the note of hota, no point to really defend them unless you know where all four are and you can claim them, but depending on location of map might just be best to wait for a new one to spawn that might be at a better location.
  13. I personally don't think you need to waste time on changing the mechanic. But lets assume you decide to put man power into this. First lets assume most priest have 70 faith. And second lets first before having a conversation put a hard limit on the pool so people have a better grasp of it. Lets say the cap of the pool is 400 favor, how long would this 400 favor pool last for. 400 favor = 8 coc cast.
  14. Can't wait for one kingdom to get lucky and get King while the other two dont have one for more months so that kingdom just auto wins