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  1. Good compromise, you have to choose if u want a pet or safety a backup horse gives u
  2. +1 get rid of all tome/ also get rid of their abilities/ bonus and negatives, I disliked tomes, tomes are even worst than how meditation works
  3. No need to nerf priest, if you nerf priest then you make the people who enjoy playing priest not want to come back and play. I enjoy pvp and and the priest that interact with it. Just like your not gonna nerf crafting skills cause people enjoy crafting, just doesnt make sense to me to nerf priest and not nerf crafting.
  4. They already said faith isnt getting reset, king isnt getting reset, did no one from your group watch the stream? For anyone that missed the stream mine doors cant be close to each other drain deed can drain disband deed king keeps crown no champs faith wont get reset no drop items like spyglass/sleep powder will go over 2k map hell horse will not be able to hitch or ride on horse rarity will no longer affect speed only affect dmg taken np pmk mr north west jk north east hot south west meditation wont go past lvl 9 benefits start fresh no start tools no terraforming events
  5. Yeah lets also disable all skills for the first month I like it
  6. Again. if your not resetting skills why would you reset faith, its also a skill xD
  7. umm no xD people can just go to wl or bl naked no pvp needed haha, just a rope and horse, Pass on the faith reset unless everything else is reset
  8. I still don't see why you would wanna reset faith if you arent resetting skills lol xD
  9. Its not a fresh start lol we all have our skills still, crafting skills/fighting skill/ so no reason not to have faith stay dont go converting and losing your faith
  10. Did you not play epic when it was first released? They gave everyone a map dump via online also when you started epic you had starter tools and q 20ql compass? Not sure if you trolling or misinformed?
  11. I can't wait to play the new map. My biggest concerns are not starting with a compass and not having a map dump at all. Also I'm extremely happy with what you have done with meditation. It became a must have in pvp, making it harder for newer players to feel impact or willingness to partake in pvp. I would like for all times/sorcery ability and attributes to be gone, I liked the simpleness of epic when it first came out. I'm fine with disabling champs, I really did enjoy killing a champ but understanding that meta gaming can make a kingdom suffer if a champ slot is taken up. Also Happy with the dirt and mine slopes, hopfuly people will not focus on making massive deeds that take months to make and never go outside and pvp :P. Can't wait to enjoy the first month or two of bang, have fun guys!
  12. Also make it so if the play has both Freedom and Epic skills they combine accordingly I like it!.
  13. Ages of Urath

    Sounds really cool anyone on the pvp server could contact me was wondering if i could join them or learn more about that server
  14. I'm fine with the 100 slope, pretty easy to climb up onto. and helps with making mines. I think lowering kingdoms to 4 would be fine.
  15. Having fun playing solo in my kingdom, If You want to Play solo Martel has no one and its chill