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  1. Getting to 40-50 is easy, the grind after 50 is a lot harder it slows down at an insane rate
  2. Realistically I'm hoping the devs take a hard stance on this and first, roll back any accounts over 50-60 chan and then second if they feeling ballsy give these accounts 10day temp bans but we will see what the devs wanna do. Exploiting channeling is extremely op.
  3. more so, you want to keep the rarity of the item, couple months down the road everyone will have it, kinda gets bland, but if they are kept rare will feel good to kill someone and get their rare item.
  4. Gotcha, making them harder to improve and take more time/material I think is a must so that it slows down the rate that new gear is put in, and also require constant maintenance if you increase the dmg done to them.
  5. When you say harder to improve what do you mean by that, like can you explain, im a noob. Also I think making them take a lot more dmg like 10x-20x more would help achieve the same goal of needing to constantly maintain them and hence slow down more being made into the world and keeping them rare. Also my suggestion doesnt say anything about removing the ability to craft thigns, just increasing the lump cost to improving them dramatically 5x-10x more.
  6. Stolen idea. Whats everyone's thoughts on just making the gear take 5x-10x the imp cost. I understand snowballing, but how many of you played on wild, where drake/scale was extremely rare and low in numbers, It made killing these individuals extremely rewarding and a reason to go out and try to kill people for their gear. I agree with the current system over time everyone will just have moon metal armor/weapons, but changing it where all moon metal items takes 5x-10x the imp cost it will slow down a lot of new armor/weapons coming into the system, and encourage people to always try to do the hota to maintain their weapons or try to get enough to make one for themselves.
  7. Can you explain why taking it away is a good thing tho? I feel like taking it away just makes people have less of a reason to go between server, at least now people have a reason to go from server to server, I don't see how this is a bad thing if every can benefit from it and in the long run it wil help keep both servers healthy.
  8. same , and a lot of pve players prob wont come over to pvp server for same reason
  9. Agree this is good for both clusters, as long as everyone know about it, which all it takes is the devs making an announcement about it. This is a good thing no one would be against it, it helps keep both servers healthy
  10. The dev seem like they are gonna remove it :(, unlucky seemed like such a good system to promote server crossing and end up leading to people joining kingdoms, pvpers joining pve villages, more people meeting more people, hence increasing communities and helping the game be healthy.
  11. Kinda sucks tho, this kinda seems good, it would encourage pvp players to go over to pve and make a place to skill gain or the pve to come over to pvp to get skillgain, this could encourage different groups to go between server like once or twice a week to use up their sleep bonus and maybe united the two communities a little more and help the game flourish. This was stated to be unintended by the devs, but I don't see it as a bad thing. @Retrogradeyou accidentally have a system in place that encourages people to go between the two servers actively.
  12. I've heard rumor of like an experience bonus for the first weekend, can anyone confirm and by how much?
  13. +1, cap the ql if you don't want them to be to strong