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  1. Map Reset for Chaos

    Also make it so if the play has both Freedom and Epic skills they combine accordingly I like it!.
  2. Ages of Urath

    Sounds really cool anyone on the pvp server could contact me was wondering if i could join them or learn more about that server
  3. I'm fine with the 100 slope, pretty easy to climb up onto. and helps with making mines. I think lowering kingdoms to 4 would be fine.
  4. Having fun playing solo in my kingdom, If You want to Play solo Martel has no one and its chill
  5. Merge Epic Cluster + Freedom Cluster

    +1 Would like to see the two merged, Con just wanted to know how it would work if u had to a developed account on both Freedom/Epic on the same character? I would like to see my skills merge somehow don't want to have to pic one skill set or the other.
  6. 3 Champs for all kingdoms

    I like how it is atm, reason why it gives more people a reason to fight other pmks to try to destroy them so they can get that slot, but people have made a good point about someone champing and just not logging in for 6months, i suggest keeping the 3slots for a deity in, but make it so it takes 10mins (and sends a message out like tower caps)to become a champ, this should give people some time to come and fight (twigs ftw). And if someone manages to sneak a champ in at a deadtime make it so if you get a drain on that players PMK Capitol all of their champs loses one life. Just an idea
  7. Allow sermons to reset prayers on epic again

    +1 Lol, me any my brother were talking about this last night, put it on epic, it works perfectly fine on chaos should be good to put it on epic, don't see any negative reason to not have it on epic.
  8. Remove Siege Shields - Reasons Why

    remove them from the game until they are fixed
  9. PC SoTG Acc

    if you want to sell out you can def get 100+ for the account
  10. Auctioning Off Challenge King awards

    120eu buyout on both itmes together in the process after person and paypal are verified.
  11. Auctioning Off Challenge King awards

    Morning bump
  12. Auctioning Off Challenge King awards

    Night bump
  13. Auctioning Off Challenge King awards

    Is this a gold one? Mines marble so dunno if its a different statue or different color.