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  1. Way too tired, completely misread the auction timer. oops. Ignore this sorry.
  2. Ill take the 75ql 82 botd Saddle, cod to Blob please
  3. # 13 - 25c # 14 - 25c
  4. Last Post Wins

    Blub = Bad Blob = Good Remember the difference
  5. This is a loss for the chaos server and wurm community as a whole. You will be missed Rose, take care o/
  6. Looking at the picture above, just noticed. Since when do dragons have thumbs lol?? And only 4 toes on the hind legs.
  7. sure +1, btw what we thinking of for travelling over it in terms of speed?? Gravel type speed of travel?? (RIP grammar and good tired)

    When Gumbo, is no longer Mr. Niceguy.....I dont even know. Inb4 Universe collapses.
  9. Very nice work , glad you are embracing the starting wurm experience.
  10. +1 to the spirit of the idea, and + 1 to being conservative on the implementation It is MUCH MUCH better if this is implemented and it does precisely nothing because the requirements are too strict, then the alternative of all sorts of stuff going ever so slightly weird.
  11. Idealy yes, realistically no If skillgain was completely dependent on skill level then you would be able to calculate it, however as skillgain is not like that you technically cannot. As skillgain varies more with "difficulty" if you like. If you have 90lms and go hunting with a 90ql shield you will get very little/no skill ticks. If you had 1 lms and did the same, even with such a high ql shield and against say wild horses (so low difficulty, but normal in relation to skill) you would be fine and get skill ticks
  12. Yay for the big cuddly bear (dont let the forum icon with claws deceive you)
  13. BC gain increase

    Any sign of a revert or something?? BC gain now being crazy and all....yes I will probably be doing some BC related stuff, but this is still pretty crazy. Also changing the skillgain rate of such thing so far into the game/servers/characters is wrong, just wrong. Rolf what happened to the old stance of valueing players skills and effort put into those skills above all. EDIT: To clarify, -1 to the change just change it BACK to whatever it was before, before the archery change that got reverted, before this huge buff. Its stupid and devalues peoples skills.