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  1. pickaxe, 80 ql, 95 woa, bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) - 5 s 14 ql, 89 coc, 1 s Please COD to Tridek! Thanks
  2. Hi! Could you CoD to Tridek the rare short steel staff? Thanks!
  3. Hi! CoD to Tridek please Horseshoes 15 through 22 Bridle 1 and 2 Saddles 16 and 18 Thanks!
  4. Thank you ThisIsRaffeh. Transaction was fast and easy.
  5. WTS 60s 1s = 1usd 50 USD Paypal only sent as a gift is best. Thank you
  6. OK. I'd prefer USD but can do silver too. I'll let you know though if nothing comes up
  7. COD to Tridek please: hammer 90ql 93 woa - 3.19s Thanks!
  8. [CLOSE]

    I'll take the two rare horse shoes. Please COD to Tridek.
  9. When I mine a nearby iron vein it yields ore as usual. It's a natural copper vein. I wasn't using a keybind to mine in this instance. Mining forward, down, or up all give the same results.
  10. Right. I'm able to continue to the next mining action without an ore given the previous one. Also no lag spikes or anything either.
  11. When mining some copper on my deed I have found that the copper vein is highly temperamental. After hitting the copper vein 17 times it has only yielded 3 ores. No other ores are distinguishable in the nearby area and the event tab only shows three ores being yielded as well. Most of the time it just says "You start to mine." Any thoughts?