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  1. Haha, that's what I was thinking.
  2. So impressed with all the new updates you guys did while I wasn't playing. Love cooking now, its so much more interactive and finally farm meat means something, as does all other animal meat. And being able to mine for salt. Keep up the great work awesome dev team.
  3. I apologize for my outburst, was having a bad day. What I said was uncalled for. Regards.
  4. So deed it. You have been here longer than me and still don't understand the most simplest concept of Wurm. Deeding. Stop being an ass.
  5. Thank God that crazy Hilary didn't get in power. We would all probably be dead from nuke war by Feb next year if she had of made it to the WH.
  6. I can already tell you what will happen. It won't work anymore after the update is released and we will all be eating high QL raw pumpkins for a month.
  7. As a user that is thinking of returning to Exo and will not live anywhere near it. I can say I don't want to see it built as it offends me.
  8. I have acquired one black cat. He ###### in his litterbox so I'm happy.
  9. Hello... Allow me to introduce myself... My name is, Alex. It's so nice to meet you...It's been a long time... Sorry I've been away so long... My name is, Alex... I never meant to leave you...
  10. That can't be the case. its working on this PvEp server I'm on when you type /ca. But how to make it on by default instead of off. Like WO???
  11. Rebump. Please answer this question Wurm Staff.
  12. Sorry. I don't usually rant like that these days but when I started to think of all the reasons why I'm struggling with WO. All I can think of is all the suggestion threads where I've read things like this and mixed feed back. However I never received much mixed feed back when suggesting economic changes. EVERYONE wanted to see a thriving economy. So the fact it hasn't happened in the 4 or so years I've been playing just really bugs the hell out of me. I'd love to see WO grow. But fact is unless there is big changes in some ways. It never will. Just releasing WO on Steam or something won't be enough to appeal to people.
  13. Agree. It's not like a punishment to old players with high levels anyway. They get the benefit of faster grind at the higher levels too. Maybe anger could also be releaved by giving anyone thats played x amount of years back dated skill gain avg by the amount of hours played or just rare free stuff. I think mixed PvE/p could be a way to go too. Under one kingdom. Disputes can be settled differently allies rise and fall etc. Faster skill gain, but not a complete PvP mayhem like epic and not the bore of Freedom after to much time on it. I think this is a huge issue in WO and something that has been naively overlooked for far to long. As soon as I started playing I learned of Wurms stale economy and it started to frustrate me. All the mechanics are there ready to go. All it ever needed was ways to inject silver in to the economy and that could of been done in so many ways. But instead (And this happened before I started playing) the idea was to RAISE THE PRICE OF SILVER! Good idea. If you are trying to destroy what ever was left of a economy, just make money even more scarce. Now markets everywhere are dead and nobody buys anything, most silver is spent on forms and upkeeps with little opportunity to work in game for a decent amount of it. It's a stupid self destructing policy that should of been addressed the year I started playing. You cant fix stupid. Why is there no community events run by Wurm themselves?. I get that it's a sandbox but the total lack of interactive administration helps make WO stale. Automated tables and Santas for Christmas. Automated everything. No get together no celebrations. No contests. WHY? If for no other reason it could of been used as a way to pump Silver in to Wurm. NYE countdown. Yeah timezones so what? it could of been 24 hours of fun games prizes and fireworks. Etc etc etc. Having better PVP can help give WO an advantage over WU. ^ I don't think so. If they didn't implement any code changes across the board people will get mad.
  14. Def got something to do with profile, it seems new toons are disabled by default but as soon as an individual enables it it opens every time you login. Please also looking for the answer. Edit: I mean new toon profile creation.