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  1. Wtb 50 silvr on deli, paypal verified PM me. Regards.
  2. Looking to buy mid/high lvl crafting account. Pm me with Skill dump and we can work out a price. Regards.
  3. Since when did 1k bricks sell for 5.5 silver?
  4. ok i sorted it ill leave this in case anyone else has the same problem. I went to java and altered the security level to medium from high and it worked for me.
  5. So java needs an update and i update it and now wurm will not run is there any way to fix this issue? Regards.
  6. Have you decided yet whether your selling or not?
  7. Excellent service from this guy, recommended , will use again, cheers dude.
  8. WTS Deed on deliverence Name is Newcastle and its located at 26x 17y on Nightmare lake. Size is 31x19 it has 7 silver 27 copper 78 iron in funds It is 1 silver 77 copper upkeep and that will last for 173 days 23 hours 40 mins approx. There is a guard tower with 5 guards and a spirit castle with courier (90) cast on it. 7 or 8 Zinc veins on deed with iron copper and slate not far away from deed. Theres plenty of pens for livestock and flat land to grow crops. With a lake view and a plenty of room to ship build. Theres a few bsbs and fsb with bits and pieces in and 5 or 6 buildings one wood and one stone on the cliff top overlooking the lake a fishing hut down by the lake and a workshop near the west entrance. All in all not a bad little deed for someone to take over or make into whatever they wish. Would like 30s or there abouts for it if anyone is interested. Heres some pictures. Pm me here if interested or to make an offer. Thanks
  9. still for sale if anyone is interested.