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  1. Still selling, I'll go for a low price for many of the items.
  2. This is basicly what I want to get rid of. Go ahead and offer... I'm located in Deliverance, east of Rome. I will COD (You will pay for the fees) or log in for trade near my deed. Offer on this post and i'll see what I can do. Thanks!
  3. Do you happen to have any swords on you? Oh! And i've been looking for a good Ql lantern.
  4. I might be interested, but it still depends... Can you get me something thats more near 80ql? I'd be willing to pay higher. Thanks!
  5. I'm offline for now, I'll be streaming tonight or tommarow. Remember though, you can go to my channel and find my location and follow me!
  6. I will! Thanks I am trying to talk to my viewers, even if they dont talk back. Thanks for the input.
  7. I'm signing on twitch and streaming again, if anyone wants to watch me on my journey, tune in!!!
  8. I just signed off for the night, but stick around... I'll be back in the morning!
  9. Yeah, Sometimes its a bit boring, but some people like to watch this kind of game. I do.
  10. Yes! It would, and i think it would be just plain out fun to do. Feel free to watch my stream... I'm going to be streaming regularly.
  11. Yes, you are right.... Streaming does take a really good computer! Thankfully, I have a computer that is rather good... I get smooth frames on my channel on many games.
  12. So, I noticed few people ever streamed or made videos about wurm online through all the years its been out. I'd like to advertise and show this game off to the community and the new people who know nothing about it. I'd like to give people who like watching videos about it, like me, a chance to watch someone play. Overall, I'd like the community to come together with me and make something neat and fun for viewers of all types to watch. Feel free to come see my channel, even though its small. I'd love for some people to say hi, follow, and regularly show up to chat. I'm putting my location details of where I am on deliverance so you guys can come down and help me out, join me, or just say hi to me and the viewers. Please don't judge me too much... Just come, hang out and have a good time while we play Wurm! Join me here! -