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  1. Ill be honest.... those aren't bad names. But they don't really fit wurm patterns. Especially Rumble.
  2. Great work! now the website can draw in new players again.
  3. +1 Would give second option instead of mandatory mine doors. But @Delacroix why does every mean of access must have an option to break through? Enemies could attack the walls instead. It's not like you could just plaster the walls with drawbridges to secure them. Drawbridges would be a great way to build an entrance without giving the enemy a weakpoint. Otherwise they are gonna be as obsolete as doorlocks. I mean we dont even attach them anymore because every single enemy just picks them in under 30 seconds. Even if drawbridges would take longer to bash, nobody would actually build them if they are destructable, because once bashed they provide a shortcut through the defences (no dirtwall to climb, no wall to bash... just a lock to pick) . So either you make them absourdly strong (in which case you didnt change anything) or you implement another building option that's useless on freedom and wont be used on epic.
  4. When you passed a mine door offdeed, enemies are able to follow you for a certain time. This leads to safety hazards regarding deeds on epic and chaos, since there is no mention about this in the wiki. This matter already caused a few deaths and should be handled urgently.
  5. The Liblia mission on Elevation was to sacrifice 9 hidden "Holy Strands" that could be found by digging or investigating. Me and a citizen of my deed (We are part of Jenn-Kellon) were building a small road for 10 minutes and found 3 "Holy Strands". That seems like an awful lot of Valrei items for just digging now and then for 10 minutes. Especially if you consider that we can not even do the mission. Is it intended, that everyone can just go digging to receive a bunch of valrei items when a mission like that is up?
  6. Thanks again Enki! Was a great fun.
  7. Searching on Elevation i use the 'investigate' option in the forrest where clearly no settlement ever was. I get the "[13:06:43] You can't find any traces of any abandoned settlements here." message and get a fragment from the same action anyway. Seems you can just find fragments everywhere.
  8. You can use the 'identify' option on fragments with every tool that can do the 'identify' action, no matter what it says that the fragment needs.
  9. 85 e and ill take it. Got a better offer. Sorry.
  10. Is the rare knarr still available?


  11. Crown Harbor, North of Newspring Island, R 10 TheAwesomeOne, coming soon (pics missing ^^) Extra information Detailed position: The market isnt completely finished yet (but will be in the next 10 days) Merchants are already welcome and some are more or less placed.
  12. I found a horse named Swiftebony! For security reasons i wont tell more details... If it's yours just write me ingame (same name) or pm me in the forum. Do be sure its yours... you should be able to tell me from where it came and who is the father. Now it's waiting well fed in Crown Harbor