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  1. Oh clue how that could have happened, I'll try replacing the map as you said. Thanks for looking into this for me.
  2. Here is my server folder, I have a couple mods but they are only utility (adds a shout telling me what season it is and whats in season/change horse names) Good luck. If there isn't a way to fix it then I'll have to accept it, and I appreciate your time
  3. I had a backup on my husband's computer but it seems he deleted it :/ I will upload it to dropbox so you can check it out.
  4. So I recently updated my Wurm Unlimted Server and Client from to (the latest). I hadn't played in a while due to work and finally got some downtime. To my dismay, upon logging in I discovered that my entire world was ruined. It was as if someone slammed their hand down on my land and skewed it to poo.. This is really, really upsetting because I can not begin to tell you the hours, days, months I had put into making my spot perfect. (I play alone too..) To log in and have huge cliffs to either side of you is horrid..and then to climb to the only flat area to see that said cliffs extend everywhere..yeah. I really don't want to scrap my world but I am out of options. If there is anyone out there...who has a solution to save my world it would be appreciated beyond words. Photos below.... Please help..
  5. The game did have a few npcs to begin with but..they seemed to disappear after playing for a short while (like..literally saw them a few days maybe??) And their local chats were silly and fun...I killed one of them twice for his gear then he never spawned again. I can't lie I am disappointed with how few npcs there are and they seem to stick close to the main town (well..except the one I killed was far away from a town). The other towns I entered didn't even have any npcs around. I'd love the ability to be added --gm power maybe?-- for us to make our own npcs like the ones already in game. It's been done for minecraft, we can for wurm to. Add them to your village and liven up the place a bit. Wurm is so vast, it gets lonely building all by yourself. Sometimes it'd be fun to have an npc say random stuff in the chat here and there. Don't get me started on the funny ###### we made them say when we first There's a lot of possibilities too, so if anyone would poke a bit at the default npcs perhaps a mod could be created with them as a base. TL;dr- A mod to allow us to make villagers or npcs--even copies of the current few--would be great and something I'd definitely support. I know we have some brilliant minds out there (if I knew coding I'd do it myself)
  6. I've read and experienced that following Libila automatically puts you into the HoTS faction. Is it possible to stay a follower/priest to Libila and the convert over to one of the other factions? Just curious. (I really only became a follower to her cause her colossus is epic looking XD ) Thanks
  7. I'll try that. As long as I can still deed wherever I like then it'll be fine. It was just difficult being limited on where I was allowed to deed..hence why I wanted Freedom Isles deeding settings while still having the other three kingdoms for fun.
  8. Circled in red (the black crosses) this is my adventure map (i assume its the default)
  9. You cannot lead them across water, they don't swim. Ran into this problem myself. I know where there's a large herd at in the Adventure server. But you'd have to either settle there or build a bridge (which I ended up doing by switching to gm mode cause the ones I found first were all pretty old/venerable..and yeah). That's G14 (top right corner) and approx. O9 (bigger herd)
  10. If you are still having issues on getting the lan going for a single player experience: Honestly in my personal experience both servers I've set up were automatically LAN and not internet. All I changed was the info in local tab (name, added a password, lowered amount of players, gameplay tweaks, etc). I'm running it on windows 10, don't have mcafee. Didn't disable any firewall either. I've run it via dedicated server tool (available in steam tools) and the Manage Server on the regular launcher. Don't take this the wrong way, nothing I'm saying is intended to be rude or downgrading, just trying to see if there's any way I can help either of you on here who said you had trouble. When running my server: Click Manage Server Wait for the cmd prompt window to finish loading and settings window to appear. On [select Game Database] tab - I didn't change anything, I wanted an adventure server so I left that. Click Start Server. Wait a few minutes for the cmd prompt window to finish loading. The last line should say something similar to: Server connected to steam. And the server is finished loading and is now running. I can go over onto the Wurm Unlimited launcher and my server (that I named) is in my LAN tab, and nowhere in the Internet tab. Running dedicated server tool: Just clicked the tool to run and continued with waiting on the cmd prompt and etc. Have you tried changing the Server external IP address to your computer's IP? (This is in the local tab of your server settings window) Mine was by default my IP. I left the port as it was. Hopefully this helps a little, if not well I apologize. Sorry you are having trouble with it, I agree that it stinks how we can't actually play offline but it makes sense considering we are running a server to play on. Perhaps this will be implemented in a later update/mod. Good luck!
  11. Very cool looking. Speaking of the buffalos though, my map has a mountain covered in them. Literally at least 100+..crazy.
  12. Does anyone else get event log spam saying "You enter no known kingdom" when on a server with home settings 0-(no kingdom)? If so is there a solution/fix to stop the spam? It gets annoying to the point of not being able to see what actions your doing because the chat is spamming full of that message. Thanks in advance
  13. The beginning town had a merchant selling things, and if we ever wanted to make it similar to Wurm Online and have a trading system then having money would be beneficial. It's not a real problem at the moment, I was just curious as to why there wasn't an option. Thanks for the feedback
  14. On my Adventure server I found that I am unable to sell to my settlement token. (It is set to being Home server, freedom isles) Could there be something I missed somewhere in the settings that is causing this or are there others who are unable to sell to token? I've tried a few different corpses (cat, bear, pig) as well as meat and forage/botany items. I am activating the item in my inventory, and right clicking token. But there is no "Sell" option on the token menu. My fiance who plays on my server couldn't sell to it either so it doesn't seem to be a player bug. Let me know if I just missed something in settings or etc.