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  1. So i cant pick a name that is already in use on another server such as chaos
  2. Unfortunately there is alot of information and misinformation floating about. Thank you for clarifying. I knew accounts didnt transfer but i was wondering about names.
  3. Be nice to know where starting towns are! I guess we will have to wait to find out tomorrow! Also are account names going to transfer to the new map?
  4. BL conversion allowed on PVE server?
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    Putting a new pve and pvp server cluster on steam sounds like a great way to bring back in new, old and current players. I'm all for this and will be back with a group of people if this happens, but i think we would only be interested in pvp. I like the idea to remove priest restrictions... all WU servers do this now and allows people to feel more content without having to constantly ask friends to help them with wiping their own asses... good luck.
  6. TWL - Closing

    Decent server guys! come pvp - looks like 5 decent kingdoms atm all with active players. BL, JK, HOTS and two PMKS - Should be a good server. The skill gain isnt too fast so its not like some of these stupid 100x skill gain servers which die within a week
  7. Very nice mod! I am yet to try it yet unfortunately but the server im playing has it installed so hopefully i will get to use it soon! Just a idea is there scope to do a similar thing for Boats? Such as a 'Harbour Master' That allows sale of boats maybe not making them disappear and reappear but more like selling Ownership?
  8. Looking forward to this opening tomorrow! I'll see you all there!
  9. Is this still alive? looking for pvp server.
  10. Hey, Did nothing come of this server in the end?
  11. Hey that really helps. I have a 3x3 with Mycelium. i was just picking thorn bushes today so ill get that set up. Just one question. I am WL, so im using a libila preist alt account to set up the mycelium. Its got a libila alter there but the mycelium is starting to disappear... do I need to also have a HOTS tower? to ensure the mycelium stays there? Thanks.
  12. Has anyone actually made a hate tile on Wurm Unlimited yet? I have yet to try with thorns, the Wiki doesn't confirm thorns though?? Is it just a 'keep trying' thing? any tips or tricks would be appreciated?
  13. Rhianna you are a legend. Also I have learnt a important lesson today: 'Read the News Threads FIRST' They just say 'soon'... Does they give any estimation on roll out of the bug fixes into WU or is that down to the server admins on the particular server I'm on to update it? I'm guessing the latter.
  14. Wyvern

    PvP Server being interesting. Lots of untapped land so can easily have time to set up and lots of untapped resources. Skill gain and timers pretty perfect IMO. not easy but takes away that boring wurm online grind. Plus cmon guys... why would you ever play a PvE server? where's the fun in that Honestly fighting isn't as hard as you think and dying isn't as terrible as you think either. Cmon over! Will provide #1hr pvp training sesh if you join pvp server
  15. Oh Wow! Well this is going to be news to the guys on our server. I play on the Wyvern PvP server.... I guess we should get capping enemy towers then for them to disappear after next reset! But yes this needs to be sorted asap and so does the horse thing.