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  1. This is Genki with her favourite toy. Stealing peas. popping balloons.
  2. everything sold. close please.
  3. We are selling/giving away some horses. We are located at Blackbird, 37y 34x Deliverance. You can pick-up, or we can deliver to Greendog or Puzzle Plaza for free. Currently we have: 7-trait War horses - 70c each 5-speed horses - 50c each Free Horses. Limit of 3 per person. Leave a message here, contact us on Lizabeth, Priestwood, Nikkunikku or Blackstone in-game, or leave me a message on the forums. Thanks
  4. Your very own Game of Thrones character in horse form. 7-trait fighting horse. Has all 5 speed traits plus tough and fierce. Located on Deliverance server. Can deliver to GD, Puzzle Plaza or you can pick up from Blackbird 34x 36y. Starting bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c 30 minute snipe protection. Auction Ends Monday 8th of April 1am GMT.
  5. My head is oozing buffalo cheese. Hoorah!
  6. I care about Easter eggs. I'm not ashamed to admit it.
  7. does it require a server update to add them in?
  8. yeah, it kind of sucks that the statues are on such high pedestals now. It makes my pond shrine look bad. I liked how my shrine previously looked like a family had been frozen and turned to stone. With the higher pedestals, it ruins the immersion as clearly they are statues that have been placed there. I agree, if we could have the option of the old statues too, I would be happy. Or even just cutting some of the height off the pedestals would do.