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  1. same on affliction tree ready shows Harvest use sickle get [16:36:02] You cannot harvest with that.
  2. Your only 19 life is short man High school girlfreind was just that , move on with Your life don't look back! cause before you know it your 25 and thinking crap where did the time go
  3. war arrow +rags+tar~flint & steel = Flaming arrows Kryton
  4. I also noticed the tempering not working last night Kryton
  5. I plant thorns near where I have harvesting / pruning to do ,walk thru then absord tile as needed Kryton
  6. I have to agree with Bart on this one. Kryton
  7. I think they should drop acorns on ground/tiles as well as harvesting.
  8. I also logged in today to get this message AVG blocked it hope to here it just a bug
  9. Hell Scorpius

    Get great skill gains from that i bet ! Kryton
  10. 1 -80Ql Iron Lump 100 Kg sailing to you now Kryton