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  1. Cally, when there is really nothing to do except sitting in front of PC when you want to rest from your daily work in front of that same PC, I think one of best ways to relax is to enjoy some game. And I wasn't really sitting 18 hours every day. I went sometimes to meet up with friends or did some other activities, but that didn't help and still ended up in me hitting the fatigue limit. As of considering quitting - it's just a personal thing. I really like this game from long ago, but what I don't like is when I get restrained from doing something that I should be able to do. I actually hate it and get irritated by that really fast. That is why game that I really like can lose it's appeal in just several seconds. Right now I want that this issue to be resolved. Not necessarily right now, as in a week I won't have that much time to play anyway, but at least in the near future so that next time I get so much free time, I wouldn't be restrained by that same thing again. Besides there are others. And everyone has his/her own play style. Answering to your suggestions I can say: a. That was the reason I lost most and last of the fatigue. b. People have their own plans and won't go hunting every time just because someone asked. c. Better gear = more skill or money. More skill = grind = fatigue. Money - just don't feel like paying anymore to get just a tiny bit better gear. d. Tried that ... challenge? Yes. Enjoyable? No. Taking half an hour to find and kill some monster, and as a result get practically nothing (didn't try if butchering even works when you're out of fatigue) is a huge waste of time in my opinion. I better do not play and try to find some other fun in the internet ... though that raises the question again: what did I pay for? Thanks for suggestions, though Lastly: yes, I would like to play. I do have plans for my settlement, and to do all that I need either to do monotonous work like digging or to get more skill, which again ends up in monotonous grinding. Doing things randomly is just not my style.
  2. Ok then ... I've come up with an idea. You can make a method to replenish the fatigue: when a player runs out of fatigue you can activate some button in the GUI that a player could click. That would open up a dialog with some kind of a question like "how much is eleven times seven" and an input for the player to answer. If the answer is correct the player replenishes some of the fatigue. Surely that kind of a question could be problematic for those who are very bad at English or very young people who can't answer that kind of question, but you can come up with something similar that everyone except macro tools would be able to understand, right?
  3. Now there's another problem ... Currently I'm playing for 3 and half hours and used up all the fatigue that accumulated during night (2 hours 58 minutes) ... and did not receive the said 1 hour within that time span. So ... what am I supposed to do right now? Make an alt, pay two times more for premium and spend two times more time to grind skills? Or maybe go hunt trolls, hell hounds, huge spiders and other things that are everywhere and kill me very fast? Too bad rats, cats and wolves are so rare, otherwise I would consider doing that. Currently I'm really feeling like quitting the game just because of that, but nobody will pay back my year premium subscription and all the money spent on the new settlement I planned to build, right? UPDATE: seems fatigue restoring timer is not exactly 3 hours. I have received that 1 hour, but again ... it's just an hour.
  4. Well what developer(-s) are waiting from us is something constructive. Too bad, but I can't really suggest any good anti-macroing mechanism right now, but if I have any ideas, I'll definitely tell you.
  5. Exactly ... i hate wasting time and do many things at once. Like watching youtube while playing. I believe many players do that
  6. Although it's not a bug, but it's still an issue ... what am I supposed to do now? I can't play while I have nothing else to do ...
  7. Hello. It's the second time I run into this problem: I run out of fatigue as I play. There are people, who have a lot of time on their hands. Like disabled people or people on vacations with bad weather over their country and having nothing else to do than to play the game. So I can't really call it a nice method of anti-macroing since it limits play time for people. First time I didn't care about it that much since my vacation was at an end, but right now it is really irritating me, because I know that there is a whole week ahead and I won't be able to play the game in full. I really hope you will find a better alternative way of anti-macroing than fatigue.