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  1. I've been digging a plot for my home, and I've been thinking, there could be some archeology in the shovel skill? Like ancient dragon bones, or demon bones, or maybe some bones from ancient species that were around in the wurm world long ago. To me that could be an awesome way to make digging less boring, and more fun. Rare dirt is really the only thing awesome I've found lol I'm a noob though, and someone could reply, and tell me all these things I could find XD.
  2. I've been messing around with the settings, and I've found out it has something to do with the GLSL shading, when ever I change the settings to disabled the ground textures start to mess up. When it's on core it starts to mess up the animations on the player models, and if I set it to Extension it just crashes.
  3. So when I start the game the textures seem normal as I stand perfectly still on the ground, but then when I move the ground textures begin to shift with my movements. Is there a solution to the problem?
  4. I am trying to register for an in game account, and when I get out of phase 2, I am not able to get a config email. I've registered 3 times using the same email, and nothing pops up.
  5. I was wondering if yall eve thought of adding instruments to wurm, it seems like a good idea there could be lutes, flutes, drums, violins, pianos, ext. you could use your keyboard to play the instruments and there could be a skill called bard and sub skills for it for each instrument you have played idk just a thought : )
  6. That worked thanks Art director Saroman you where a awesome wizard lol XD
  7. I have had a problem where character hair mapping is not being downloaded in the patch updates as a result all the character models are spazzing out for characters and npcs (including animals) and for some reason objects are spazzing out Im not sure whats going on I reinstalled java and deleted wurm a couple of times and im still not getting any luck Ive also tried to experiment with the graphics settings and I still dont have any luck if you want more information looke at the video