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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a new Village on Cadence. I've been playing Wurm off and On since 2012. I started on Independence and then after a several months I moved to Epic (JK) and was in a part of getting new players ready for PvP. I spent several months playing on Cadence and joined a village. But it fizzled out while I was gone for a break. I'm looking for a new Village on Cadence that has a couple active members to get back into Wurm with. Thanks, Joanavon.
  2. Ding! Ding! Ding! This is it exactly. As it is set up now there is a decent if not better chance of a new player losing his starter kit and having no way of retrieving it from their corpse and having no idea how or why to even continue playing without the basics of the starter kit. it's also extremely discouraging to be killed by who knows what or fall off a cliff somewhere and end up even worse off than the instant you began the game. That should never be possible. It takes a bit of time and experimentation by new players for Wurm to really convey the aspects it's good at and why it's worth the effort to play. The loss of the starter tool kit alone could and does prevent that from taking place right off the get go.
  3. This seems like an entirely reasonable and well substantiated suggestion. Theres no obvious reason why a priest doing one of the much reduced number of tasks they are allowed to should receive any more or less skill gain than a non priest performing that exact same skill in the exact same circumstances. Opposition arguments consisting of: "In games:nothing must change ever" or "Priesthood should be the same or increasingly torturous to do in order to protect and/or increase my old and legacy priest accounts potential use and/or economic viability" Are simply unreasonable and invalid.
  4. It seems that the population of the Beaver state is apply conditioned to the gameplay of wurm.
  5. Does it matter really? I mean who cares if Swedish children are brats? besides the crux of this pseudo issue is a decline of discipline (regardless of whether it's enforced with physical punishment or non physical punishment). and the erosion of the actionable and enforceable power X parent now has over Y children versus X Parents had over him and so on. Everyone can agree that children with any measure of real Power is a bad thing. If it wasn't then children wouldn't need parents in the first place once pupped.
  6. Your confused, you don't ask for or get an apology for being a brat. You give or offer one to your parents for being a brat after you got back up off the floor.
  7. In a world and time where hundreds of millions of parents struggle and often times fail to keep their children from dying of hunger, disease, war and drugs. Where tens of thousands of children die daily from utterly preventable and outrageous causes. Swedish children being bossy brats is stupid, imaginary, and even if real irrelevant and correctable at any time.
  8. Either way an in game method of connecting Villages looking for new residents with both new players looking to settle down and someone to ask questions of as well as older players looking to shake things up and would like to join an existing village rather then starting another one on their own or in addition to what they already may have done. Social engagement is the single best tool to hook new players onto wurm before the realities of starting wurm alone and unawares runs them off the game as is the case for most potential new revenue sources (players).
  9. Enki New Head Gm

    Wasn't he already this? or Supreme GM or something similar? Regardless, Enki's reputation for not only fairness but also common sense and integrity in action proceeds him with trumpets.
  10. Just turn off all of the controls inside PMK's and be done with them. People still seem to be ready to throw gold coins hand over fist at them regardless of their irrelevance, investment turn around, or near complete history of collapse and complete loss the less then a year for previous versions of the product. So let them.
  11. One of the fundamental and supremely important benefits of a sandbox game is the avalanche of content created by the players that can be leveraged by the developer to market, promote or attempt to incite media interest in some particular even or incident. Wurm isn't really harvesting the creativity of it's users in things like construction and deed design to show to potential new revenue sources the products potential. The player base of Wurm is part of the Product of Wurm Online as much as the code and the servers and the website are. Leverage it.
  12. Pictures like these should be plastered all over the wurm online website.
  13. The Wurmonline.Com website is in dire need of not only a refresh but also a refocus. Right now the design and content of the website, especially the landing page is rather bland ontop of not being very clear visually about the game itself. Make the key unique and cashable elements of Wurm; Open world terriforming, Free-form construction, Massive crafting and decor catalog. Land/Deed ownership and control. As front and blunt as possible since they are the space where wurm has space to compete and succed.