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  1. We miss ya and waiting on yer return

  2. Harvestmoon Lagoon is Recruiting!

    I have been part of this village for two years and never had a problem, ultradude is the town leader and is on most days to help as well as constantly recruiting. Very trustworthy and helpful so if your looking for a safe haven to build up skills join this village. I have a vynora priest and can give out some free woa and coc casts
  3. Just wanted to say I ment to check my mail before I logged off I'll be home in 8 hours will pay for cloth set then sorry
  4. Also the rare statue of vynora if not mail rare cloth set and statue of vynora to airwynd thanks
  5. Have you sold the rare cloth set yet?
  6. Hey, sorry for late response, for some reason there wasn't a notification on a reply. The rake is still unsold, if you're interested.

  7. WTS rare and supreme items

    Cod the trowel to airwynd I'll pay in 10 hours, thanks
  8. WTS Supreme Rake(sold)

    If it hasn't sold I'll do 25s cod to airwynd in game
  9. WTS Supreme Rake(sold)

    Has the rake sold yet?
  10. SUPREME rake !

  11. SUPREME rake !

  12. Close plz

  13. Cod to airwynd on release please
  14. Supreme statuette of Vynora

    Iv been told that ql and rarity do nothing towards enchants casts or fails?
  15. WTB: Arrows

    I think i have 500ish hunting arrows around 10ql i can imp them to 30 ql how many you want?