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  1. Bump, from and for the Ebo Kingdom
  2. Be part of the talk of the town! New players to chaos attending, attempting, and WINNING! HOTA's! Don't just be a bystander wondering if all of chaos is as bad as the forums portray, come see for yourself the great community we in Ebonaura have. We will help guide you, new, vet, weak account, strong account.... Where there is a will there is a way.
  3. And yet you wont get people to come out so pick your battles. If you want more pvp give people an incentive which doesn't hurt anyone or the game, it actually would help it by allowing smaller groups to have a little less burden to bare. You want action you can get it. You don't want action well then you can keep the smug attitude about only being there for loot which is obviously not the truth, you attend hota to win the hota for the metals and the statue just like everyone else. HOTA should focus on HUNT OF THE ANCIENTS, not hunt the player, its a mini game with the possibilities for pvp but its first primarily geared towards a game and reward so lets get more people involved which will end up creating more possible reward while attending the game for its reward.
  4. @EvaDalyyou must not be playing the same game I am... The past few HOTAs ones that were contended by 2 or more kingdoms have lasted well past 20 - 30 mins. If you weren't so afraid you wouldn't run away the moment our king enters your local and you would have a greater chance to win and contest the HOTA. There are many ways now vs just a few months ago to be able to figure out a way to attend hota and win. There are now 7 kingdoms on server vs just 2 or 3 there was not long ago, and it has been nice to see 4 kingdoms capture a pillar during a single HOTA, hopefully there will be more traps along with it soon and kingdoms standing tall to protect and defend their captured pillar. We recently had a less pvp experienced player almost win hota by himself while dodging crusaders and continued to stay persistent after losing captured pillars to crusaders he found more and continued to attempt to win. Thus the reason for the suggestion to the devs... Give everyone a free rez stone auto applied only during HOTA while inside the HOTA zone. This would help ease the burden a bit while still allowing for loot to be had also allows more to attempt to attend with a little less risk.
  5. Was this an intended ninja change or just a change made to something that indirectly affected placement abilities? Would be nice for a wurm team member to look into this. It will affect the creative side of decorating/aesthetics.
  6. Ive got 50 to sell let me know.
  7. can someone put what the gift is in a spoiler please.
  8. Seems they might just be holding back on a response, they may want to look into the system first before making a comment. It would be nice to know that if that was the case, as this is not the first time champions and champion slots have been an issue. Now that we have multi kingdoms I would imagine down the line more issues will arise in terms of lack of balance, because the fact is there are other gods that can be followed but most of them are pointless.
  9. Ebonaura is recruiting! Casual/Active/But we mean serious business, fun guild looking for helpful people who hate drama so much that they kill propagandist on sight. Join Today!
  10. The time has come to retire this recruitment thread. It has served us well. Thank you to the OP for hosting our initial recruitment. This thread may be closed.
  11. Ebonaura.com Under Construction... Update will soon follow.
  12. The problem is I feel the devs don't want to deal with the freedom cluster complaining about epic skills transferring without a conversion to what they would be on freedom and the epic cluster will complain about the diluted returns above the 70 skill mark. The best way to squash this is for the devs to spend a little bit of time which in all reality wouldn't be much and take exactly what calculations they have in the code that changes epic skill and create an algorithm or heck all they need to do is give us players the correct info and we would do the testing For them and get to the real bottom line as to what the major difference is. I'm fairly sure the diminished returns per milestone 70 80 90 would create its own % difference and that could be used to convert Every epic account (sorry guys but that's where the fix would have to happen For this to work its just the reality of it) and then adjust the curve to make up the difference for epic. You now have every single account in game on the same level and now its extremely simple to create a portal players can take back and forth between clusters. Epic will continue to have a the new adjusted skill curve so the older epic players don't feel a thing in terms of being nerfed. Making skills the same again between the clusters opens up a world of possibilities to making epic fun and giving MANY epic players who have outright quit the game a chance to come back and partake in freedom cluster as well. Best thing about This is all items will remain seperate not affecting then other cluster (sorry this also means if items remain seperate that sorcery items eatten also remain seperate) and both clusters can greatly benefit from this. The proof is in the pudding, when challenge server came out many many freedom players tried it out. One major draw what the extreme skill gains but think about it if a freedomer can take over their already trained skills don't you think they would? I'm going to answer one concern that will be brought up right now. "What about accounts that have skills on both servers." Very simple solution no one in the game that plays would complain if you came out with a skill conversion and just took the higher of the skill, so if the epic skill is higher then the freedom skill after conversion well just adjust it... That only means That the player actually spent twice the amount of time skilling that skill twice so give him/her the higher of the 2.
  13. Happy thanksgiving! If a new map were to be made in all honesty I don't think they can or will make it half as good as chaos so rather then a new map how about speed up off deed building decay by ALOT turning full villages into ruins within a months time if they are not deeded. This would clear up so many areas and would be ready areas for new players and groups to deed. Something needs to be done about guard tower placement also. I don't think the old chaining system would work perfectly but there needs to be something like extreme speed up decay for areas not traveled by the controlling kingdom. Even that suggestion is pretty shatty but I'm trying to make people think outside the box for a good fix /change that would help remove all this its my area but I never even travel through it mentality make territory further away from a capital harder to maintain. Add in that deeds become weaker also the further away from a capital in terms of siege defense. Please add in some code for freedomers they were affected by the heal/ lof changes as well as many others. No group is dumb enough to play as freedom on chaos anymore because there is such a disadvantage no king titles no champions, add in some code making their heals and lof a bit more potent this way all freedom benefits and they say thank you chaos players For the wonderful suggestion we love you. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX DAMAGE REDUCTION NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! Honestly the longer you wait the more people you will lose and fact is many people find other games to play and it almost becomes impossible to pull them back. Give ALL med paths some DR it doesn't and in my opinion need to be 30%, 20% is what in would set as a max leaving insanity still the true tank class. Tweak other paths. And keep active with the tweaking let us pvpers deal with the ramifications if the tweaks are not good but at least let us give it a live test, a tweak (is a slight increase or decrease and should not in definition cause any harm) will not be game breaking and many players might come back if they see the dev team actively making changes.
  14. I can see this being a perfect draw for Epic. @Retrogrademaybe once upon a time it was but Epic is and has always been a more consistent field action server, the increased faith gains would just allow the fun to start sooner then later and newer players on the server would have that much more of a chance in shorter time instead of spending months to do it. Would be a great addition for Epic IMO +1
  15. Nicedreams I've played UO I've played M&B I've played pretty much every game that has pvp and I can tell you wurm pvp is not understood very well until you fully experience it. Its not perfect but it actually is a pretty good system that needs tweaks and BALANCE for newer players and equipment and some weapon dmg (mainly caused by true strike). There will never be full fps style combat in wurm not unless they wipe what they have and start over. But a lot of the code gives you advantages for things like flanking and footing and there are many things you can do for things like CR not only skill based. In a game like wurm there would be way to many problems with latency that this sort of turn based current system is the best mix because of it, or else no one except for euro would be the top pvpers. My ping was 16 in UO and it pretty much was good luck killing me because of that when i transferred to other servers and I was on even playing field with 100ish ping it was like in was playing a different game. As for the reset. A reset does absolutely nothing the top group actually will have even more of a benefit because the very first day they will just be out killing people trying to settle. Without stopping pvp for 2 months minimum to let people set up there's no way. What they can do though is tweak the code and make things like land grabbing easier in unoccupied lands. Make guard towers decay or become neutral if there is a lack of current kingdoms presence. Change things like HOTA to spawn randomly. Add in other reasons to roam the lands of chaos. A map reset does nothing for these actual issues. Fixes to the combat system some tweaks could be made but in reality the biggest issues can be corrected by things like DR being given to all med paths in an incremental fashion this way the newest player on the server can start working on med path and work towards getting some added DR. This map can reset itself just need the right changes in place. There is to much fear of losing good armor like drake and scale for weaker groups and reality is plate( the only viable option for non drake wearing groups) are literally sitting ducks in an open field fight. That's one of the reasons why no one other then a dominant group will fight without one. Is it possible to get kills with a non dominant group sure but the losses will severely outweigh the wins. Moral is another factor in all this. Takes you a very long time to make an established self dependable deed so you don't have to worry about waking up to 30 people raiding you during your non prime time and that sometimes burns people out. The bigger problems with chaos and even epic are the issues causing things to be extremely hard to do even conquer guard towers for a small new group is to hard at times. This could be solved the further away towers are from your capital the weaker they are when being conquered. Now some thought will have to be put in where to place your capital and that would be a focus of territory control and not controlling the whole map just because you happen to have 500000 towers in your kingdom name.
  16. Thanks for the clarification.
  17. Again you chose to play on epic if that is the playstyle you like then go play it there have been and will be masses against the change making chaos epic. The devs have thus far been able to keep important things seperste from chaos that freedom has and they can continue to do so. I am perfectly fine with a portal allowing transfers of skills through conversion across clusters so everyone can take part in many different play styles as they choose but to strip chaos/wild for what its always been no way. It might not have been you but many who fought to get their new cluster epic made wanted that separation so now deal with it. On to better things now. Hopefully the ql reduction in farmed goods does not create another outcry. Please people keep in mind that this far the wurm team in the last few weeks have been drastically been changing many of their changes based on our feed back. For once a little pat on the back and we might just see some more upward tweaks in our community favor. I am more interested in upcoming possible pvp changes perhaps addressing DR across the board for 20-35 str accounts and more talk about armor balancing. Not to mention med path changes and possible DR for all. I would still like to know what the whole chain/studded swap was all about?
  18. Lets not argued about shat that the devs can prove quite quickly but havnt because there is no need THERE WILL NOT BE A MERGE. Some people decided to play on epic some have decided to play on chaos. I love chaos for what it is even if its a bit of a shathole. I wouldn't even think for a second if chaos were pulled from freedom cluster into epic I would sell in a heartbeat. You want epic there are changes being made go play epic. If you don't then stop complaining about it. Now that this big food update is done pvp changes might be in the works next?
  19. But chaos is sometimes crazy with pillars spawning on side of mountains.. Makes for bit of a challenge though.