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  1. Bump, from and for the Ebo Kingdom
  2. Be part of the talk of the town! New players to chaos attending, attempting, and WINNING! HOTA's! Don't just be a bystander wondering if all of chaos is as bad as the forums portray, come see for yourself the great community we in Ebonaura have. We will help guide you, new, vet, weak account, strong account.... Where there is a will there is a way.
  3. And yet you wont get people to come out so pick your battles. If you want more pvp give people an incentive which doesn't hurt anyone or the game, it actually would help it by allowing smaller groups to have a little less burden to bare. You want action you can get it. You don't want action well then you can keep the smug attitude about only being there for loot which is obviously not the truth, you attend hota to win the hota for the metals and the statue just like everyone else. HOTA should focus on HUNT OF THE ANCIENTS, not hunt the player, its a mini game with the possibilities for pvp but its first primarily geared towards a game and reward so lets get more people involved which will end up creating more possible reward while attending the game for its reward.
  4. @EvaDalyyou must not be playing the same game I am... The past few HOTAs ones that were contended by 2 or more kingdoms have lasted well past 20 - 30 mins. If you weren't so afraid you wouldn't run away the moment our king enters your local and you would have a greater chance to win and contest the HOTA. There are many ways now vs just a few months ago to be able to figure out a way to attend hota and win. There are now 7 kingdoms on server vs just 2 or 3 there was not long ago, and it has been nice to see 4 kingdoms capture a pillar during a single HOTA, hopefully there will be more traps along with it soon and kingdoms standing tall to protect and defend their captured pillar. We recently had a less pvp experienced player almost win hota by himself while dodging crusaders and continued to stay persistent after losing captured pillars to crusaders he found more and continued to attempt to win. Thus the reason for the suggestion to the devs... Give everyone a free rez stone auto applied only during HOTA while inside the HOTA zone. This would help ease the burden a bit while still allowing for loot to be had also allows more to attempt to attend with a little less risk.
  5. Was this an intended ninja change or just a change made to something that indirectly affected placement abilities? Would be nice for a wurm team member to look into this. It will affect the creative side of decorating/aesthetics.
  6. Ive got 50 to sell let me know.
  7. can someone put what the gift is in a spoiler please.
  8. Seems they might just be holding back on a response, they may want to look into the system first before making a comment. It would be nice to know that if that was the case, as this is not the first time champions and champion slots have been an issue. Now that we have multi kingdoms I would imagine down the line more issues will arise in terms of lack of balance, because the fact is there are other gods that can be followed but most of them are pointless.
  9. Ebonaura is recruiting! Casual/Active/But we mean serious business, fun guild looking for helpful people who hate drama so much that they kill propagandist on sight. Join Today!
  10. The time has come to retire this recruitment thread. It has served us well. Thank you to the OP for hosting our initial recruitment. This thread may be closed.
  11. Ebonaura.com Under Construction... Update will soon follow.