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  1. I also planted 4 troughs, 2 locked, 2 unlocked, the horses are only eating out of the unlocked. I put 21 mixed grass in each. The horses are NOT eating out of the locked troughs.
  2. RIP Mikey forever in my heart and memories
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Mikey, after the HK days, but I heard lots and lots of stories! Mikey was always very giving, always willing to help me in wurm....On the other hand he loved to pick on me for my gullibility, all in fun of course! I feel grateful that I met someone so all around awesome in wurm. Every time I light up my meat smoker, I think of Mikey, that was one of his passions, and made me want one too ( a real meat smoker...not my racoon infested garage they said I could turn into a meat smoker LOL). I hope he has peace and comfort with his family for many days to come. - Dru
  4. Better late than never! I will sign up to imp. BS 94+, Carpentry 90, LW 84, Cloth 66, Masonry 87+, Chain 60, Fine Carp 60, Ships 59, pottery 64 etc etc
  5. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this... Player name : Calli Main character got kicked out of the boat crossing from Indy to Cele. Alt, Calli, came to fish me out of the water because the boat crossed with out me. Attempted to cross server again to retrieve boat. Both boats crossed the server, but only the main toon who was passenger crossed to Celebration. Retrieved one boat, crossed back over on the main with no issues. Went to pick up Calli, and she was unable to get in the boat, the right click menu wouldn't load. Logged her out, and now getting Connection denied, you need to register an account on WWW.wurmonline.com error on log in. Messages I received while trying to cross server. [10:46:29] An error was reported from the login server. Please try later or report this using /support if the problem persists. [10:46:29] You can not transfer right now.
  6. Huge shout out to Sidras, Who has been working nonstop on this project for years, unless I made him imp something, really though, he has been nonstop on this.....and nonstop trying to get me here working, Thanks Sid
  7. Thanks for getting in touch with me, appreciate it
  8. Hey, Looking to talk to the scarlet horizon folks, honestly no idea if the deed still exists, but have a feeling they do, but are currently living off server. Please send me a PM!
  9. They did connect an actual road, sorry that it took this much to get it done, appreciate all involved.
  10. Edited because I feel I am now being targeted, nothing major, could be coincidence, but yeah, odd stuff
  11. I will Appreciate the feedback, I am not usually one to cause a stink, but there have been many attempts to "fix" the issue and all have failed.
  12. Thank you, did end up in contact with GM's, after some back and forth they are expediting matters this has gone on for many years to long!
  13. The only way around them is to build up land through the water. TBH I haven't lived at home in a while, I have lived on other servers, but now that I am here, and taken over a deed north of this mess, it ticks me off. So yeah, it now affects me. So far, the neighborly requests have been met with hostility (IE freak outs, so i have been told). So no, I am not hopeful. Appreciate the feedback, but if they received GM approval to redo the highway, they should be held to that, regardless of desire. It goes beyond them, more people rely on that highway than just them.
  14. So we used to have a pretty nice at least 2-4 wide highway, it came from the great south mountain road, heading west till the coastal end, been intact since before the great south mountain highway was done. The ball has been dropped, by many..... Editing for many reasons....