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  1. Dale - do you have a link to the source code? IIRC this is an Angular project I could take a look at adding the feature.
  2. I would bid 5s per 1k on the job. 82 Locksmith.
  3. Just had this one happen.. I was out exploring today and had previously dominated a troll. I came upon a branded (untamed) hell horse with equipment. I could not attack the hell horse, but the dominated troll proceeded to kill it. I would expect in this case the branding to protect the horse from my malicious troll.

    As the post states auctioning the slate from this vein I just mined out. 650 x 100 QL the rest 75ish below. Crates not included No minimum No Buyout 30 Minute snipe protection Coastal Delivery Thanks!
  5. I'de take 1kg cod to Raheed if you have it.
  6. Hi I'll take the below COD to 'Raheed'. Wood Jackal Adamantine Color Rune: RGB: 115, 102, 160 #7366A0 2.25 1s 30c 25% 0s 97c Crystal Jackal Adamantine Color Rune: RGB: 135, 122, 232 #877AE8 22.27 1s 30c 25% 0s 97c

    Well were closed Eirwengale the winner. I'll send you a PM. CLOSED

    Auctioning over 5k sprouts and a spattering of sprouty things. No Minimum No Buyout 15 Minute snipe protection Delivery by BSB to coastal location Regards, Raheed
  9. Auctioning Approximately 43k+ items from my FSB in Bulk (including the FSB). Items not sold separately. No Minimum No Buyout 15 Minute Snipe Protection Happy Bidding!
  10. Greetings and Salutations Citizens of Mol-Rehan! I, Raheed of Independence, seek to return to Chaos and the kingdom which once took me in. I boast the titles of Mastermine and Reverent of the Lord Magranon, I seek adventure, community, and projects to test and improve my skills (also Roleplay). I shall set forth from the Western Coast of Independence within the hour, and come to make my mark, be it alone or with you, this very evening. If you desire my companionship then I beg you hail me upon my arrival (or PM forum/in-game)! PS: I generally play from around 5 pm to midnight EST 4-5 days a week.