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  1. Just wondering-do underground areas figure into this? I have noticed where I live in SE Deli very few spawns on surface-but a number of large areas underground with lots of spawns. If it affects what is on surface, maybe cut down on number underground and maybe speed up their age cycle so the ones trapped in closed up areas die quicker. I dont know really that much about that stuff, just throwing some ideas out there
  2. If land is not part of your deed it is free game-people can do what they want to-but only up to a point It is common courtesy to talk to your neighbors about changes around their deed While I dont know the specifics about this situation, when it comes down to one party cutting down trees and replanting,then the second party goes behind them and changes it and the cycle keeps repeating, then both parties are griefing each other. I get the same thing going on my school bus-except its arguments of 8 year olds! If you dont have nice things to say to each other-then dont say anything:) Please listen to Enki and play nice:) Nuff said:)
  3. Hmm-well-fact is -prices existed for various things in Wurm at a set price for a long time with very little problems-no so called conspiracies for monopolies or anything-mainly to protect sellers AND buyers. especially the newer players whose main income if they are making bricks and mortar.That way they are not ripped off when they try to sell when they are new to the game and later on they can pay it forward when buying from a new person later. That is main reason why prices should be stable at a certain rate and should be protected by ALL! So please-when someone new is just starting and wants to sell their bricks and mortar, dont mock them for their prices being too high and try to low ball them for a deal-just pay them them their price and let them pay it forward later. Be nice:)
  4. I stay firm with the old prices-stick with them and encourage others to do the same.When asked for a price check for something say this is the price for this and be firm-part of problem is that doesnt happen-people are always"we used to get this amount but ive seen them as low as this" That is a bad answer as it looks like u dont really know and also encourages undercutting. There will always be some who will sell low for sake of fast buck,but as long as that is minority and the main base stays firm-there will always be a market for the old prices I dont really give discounts-but i always include some extra as a gift, It makes customer feel nice-also free shipping. But I try to always stay firm on price-if it doesnt sell right away I can wait-its not going anywhere:)
  5. You still have to include the fail rate for such items as mortar-while it is easy to make for a high skilled person its not for a new person starting out.
  6. Just a suggestion-maybe make it so that even at young and withered stages there is a yield of 1-makes it so that even large farms get at least something from the trellis Also make pruning maybe a bit easier-online with tend perhaps-and no failures Just suggestions:)
  7. It would be very nice if each individual island had their own unique skin for wagons and flags and such.It shouldnt be very hard to implement what with the various skins already available exclusively to the chaos server.Then everyone on the different islands can show their pride in where they live as well:D
  8. looking for owner or person controlling deed of Lost Quays. It is an old deed of mine from a while ago and I put a lot of work into it. I had to leave for awile due to health reasons and person who was supose to keep it up failed to do so. Would very much like to have back-lots of sentimental reasons Please contact Skyfalls if u mite want to sell:)
  9. was thinking also of making entrances 3 wide but will need a mag priest to break reinforcement and collapse 1 side of entrance so it can be remined
  10. Deli down?

    looks like its down for me as well
  11. Cedar-cedar-cedar-seems like all I hear about nowdays for crafting items. People giving advice "dont build anything except cedar items cause all the other wood types are crap" While i like cedar and its lower decay properties-building things in other wood is okay as well Why u ask-the answer is repair skill-people overlook repair as an important skill-a person with high repair has a much easier time imping than one without Sometimes when I am imping and fail several times in a row have a sucess - my net gain is still positive because of higher skill Also-my items that are laying around take much less QL damage when I get around to repairing them:) doesnt take a lot of effort to raise ur level and its very rewarding to do so. While I dont recommend going around and repairing everything in ur area(some people dont like that)-and some things are better left alone to decay-its easy to put up a chest somewhere-in perimeter or offdeed and put something like needles in it. Then just go by every couple of days and repair. You can even turn your SB on while u do it. While some stuff is better for leveling your repairing i.e. backpacks,forges,ships-I generally like to use a chest of wires-they decay at a pretty fast pace and at and even rate.Plus-they are cheap to make and if anyone does come bye and bash ur chest open-meh-who cares-just a bunch of wires:) So dont be afraid to make stuff from non cedar-really the main need to worry about decay on outside things and if u are taking a long break from the game. Also-stay away from repairing ur villages weaponsmiths 90QL weapons with low repair--big NO NO So get working on your repair skill people--Repair=profit Have a nice day:)
  12. evening out the ramps=mirror image of each other-1 tile wide on one side-2 tiles on the other-always looks better and shows the builder was thoughtful and put a lot of work in imo:)
  13. Just offhand I can tell u a couple things to think about- 1. I know people go crazy over cutting Oak trees down-but I think its blocking the view-cut it down and all the rest of the random trees and bushes 2. might think of doing something with the sand walls-maybe go with wood planking or slate or something else available 3.If u can-maybe try to even out the ramps to match-balance goes a long way:) 4.the docks-maybe keep the road to the docks but have the docks themselves to be plank-with maybe some low rope fences 5.maybe use the clay to your advantage-build up on some of it and make a public clay area just a couple ideas-I am constantly redoing this or that-I think when someone says "my deed is perfect-i have it just the way I want it-it is done"is probably time for them to start looking for another game-so have fun changing back and forth and there will be even more options later when u have more skill:D
  14. I personally dont want my deeds on the map-there are people that run around testing deed permissions to see what they can take-better to not give them the extra help-when you can get rid of those the i wouldnt mind being on the map