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  1. The stacktrace makes no sense unless your mouse has zero buttons, and in that case it should have nothing to do with the village tab... Did you experience this before the 3044 release? Does anyone else experience this problem?
  2. crash report

    As indicated by the warning the system clock is unstable, and the stable client doesn't properly handle time going backwards. This has been fixed in unstable, so you could try that. Alternatively, the nano timer might be more stable on your system.
  3. With Mac you have to use JOGL instead of LWJGL in the stable client (game settings).
  4. please delete

    Does this happen every time, or just that once? If it still happens, please enable the java console window (in java control panel -> advanced -> console) and see if anything appears when you click the link.
  5. Changes in 2.7.5f * Broken release, ignore. Changes in 2.7.5g * Backported client data collection so we can get data from people who can't (or just don't) use the unstable client as well.
  6. Wollschaf: Hint, it's not cave-related. This is most likely a proxy messing up the content-length header. We'll have to add handling for that, I guess.
  7. Color picking is a method for detecting the object underneath the mouse. It's needed because some drivers are dropping support for the old built-in API. Eventually color picking may be the only option, so we should try to figure out why it misbehaves in your case. Could you post a console.log for later analysis?
  8. The input thing is nasty, it goes all the way to the native code in windows. Can someone please check if non-Latin text (russian, hebrew, arabic, japanese, chinese, etc) works on mac and linux?
  9. Not all settings can be changed ingame. The console shows details for now, eventually those options will be disabled in the settings window.
  10. The capability detection wasn't enough, there's another crasher inside the intel driver. Back to manual setting of the compatibility options.
  11. If it only happens when the mouse is over the world, you could try disabling color picking in the compatibility tab.
  12. @Mongori I have a hypothesis. If I'm right, the next client (not this one) will be faster again. Changes in 3.0.0-2900 * Celebrated too early, the Intel drivers found a second way to crash. Added back the big scary warning.
  13. If the update actually fails, please click the 'show error log' button and copy the contents here.
  14. Changes in 3.0.0-2896 * New capability detection code. This one should actually work, which is good news for Intel users. The client will ask to reset the compat settings (again). It should be safe this time, so go for it.
  15. http://www.wurmonline.com/client/wurmclient_unstable.jnlp It's linked in the city hall client release threads.