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  1. Bump. Buying more.
  2. WTB Gems Bulk delivered to Xanadu K18 Paying 0.5c/q.
  3. COD #33 Rare Iron Pickaxe w85 c95 Imbue90 ql93 40s to Eyerobot.
  4. Constantinople is an emerging village located at K18 Xanadu. We currently have 4 citizens and we are looking to invite 2-3 more people. I would like to think we are nice people and we are looking to connect with similar players. Some of us have been around for a while. We make and sell a variety of products. The location has relatively easy access via sea and land. Resources are bountiful and hunting grounds are available. If you think you're looking for a cosy home where you can pitch a small stone cottage feel free to check us out, perhaps, If you're looking to have your own deed, there are plenty nice areas around us as well. Please send PMs if you would like to inquire about our village.
  5. WTB Sleep Powder Bulk, paying 0.6s per powder. Please PM.
  6. To clarify a myth: In my experience Supreme bows deliver significantly more damage than than the regulars. For a point of reference, I generally kill animals in 2 shots and trolls in 5 shots. It hardly ever misses at 80 meters with Archery 70 and q70-80 hunting arrows. A friend of mine who regularly attends drake hunts says an archer with a supreme bow tops the damage charts by far anytime he's there.
  7. WTA Supreme Willow Longbow q80 n95 c98 Comes with a quiver of arrows. Or maybe 2 if you are nice. It also has rare q90+ bowstring attached to it. Starting Bid: 20s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 35s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Longbow's can't be mailed. Delivery could be discussed. It's currently located at Xan K18. Happy bidding.
  8. Sold. Thank you for all the offers.