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  1. I would also like to buy 3-4 lumps of glimmersteel
  2. I would like to buy 2 seryll lumps quality dont matter. This one is done.
  3. I would like to buy one longsword in either glimmer or seryll.
  4. I would like to buy a Green Tome, or another tome/walnut will be fine to.
  5. R2060

    yes we are thinking about gettings some lines around the tabards on the edges to make it separate from the armour under a bit better.
  6. The Kingdom of Abralon (Chaos) (the realm of the north) [media]http://youtu.be/KPB_QndJpgE The Kingdom of Abralon is currently under construction, and is now searching for players who want to be a part of a new born kingdom (PMK) and together with the current citizens form and shape its future in the world of Chaos. Abralon is meant to be a PvP-kingdom so regardless if you are a crafter, trader, explorer or whatever path you follow you are required to take part in PvP action, there is no exception on this point. We plan to PMK in a near future when we have got an enough player base to be able to contribute to the server PvP. We do today have the required base of premium players to form a PMK but due to that many of these players only have played for a couple of months, they cannot yet bring much more than just their premium account to the kingdom. Work is done at the moment to skill these players in both fighting and their main crafting profession or whatever they like to do. About our CapitolEven if our capitol is one of the youngest settlements on Wurm its have a fascinating story. Our capitol was founded by a group of players who have met each other in the dangerous world of Wurm and decided to make something together. First they constructed a little village close by a lake to due to its beautiful location everything were great, the village grew, the sun shine, and the villages feasted they drank wine and ate honey, but the happiness was short-lived, one day a mighty kingdom killed and sacked the small village. The few surviving citizens, who had fled for their lives from the fierce sword of their attackers, turned their eyes to the north and started a long and dangerous travel to find a new home. They found a perfect spot, but this time the citizens didn’t care about drinking wine or dancing on a meadow of flowers, this time they dug and they dug. And instead of building statues and fountains they built strong walls and towers, they built what is today’s Pardranor, a settlement meant to protects its citizens, a safe haven for traders and a home for these who seeks somewhere to live, a settlement worthy as a capitol in a kingdom. What kind of player are we searching for? Practically all kind of players.We would appreciate if you are willing to use TS because that’s where we manly communicate when do voice com. Of course you will be a respectful player towards other players in our community and outside it. You will also of course work for the good of the community and be an active player. If you are interested in joining us and shape a new kingdoms future, register on our forum and send an application. http://www.abralon.guildlaunch.com/
  7. Wtb Picaxes

    Trade is done.
  8. I liked the old palisade gates better, it would be good if we could be able to choose between them both, but these new ones really destroyed the look of our settlement.