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  1. I need to buy a good amount of transmutation liquid to change clay to dirt and to create peat. Pm me or post here.
  2. Hello guys im selling our deed located on Harmony Q10. size is 150 x 95. Deed comes with a trader, wagoner contract, over 20 fully build finished buildings/ workshops with clay, tar, and peat inside them!. Tons of forges, fsbs, beds, horses, carts, wagons, lemon grove with over 300 lemon trees. Deed also comes with 3 finished colossus, Rare Guard Tower, and sooo much more!! Still room for expansion in ALL directions. Deed is linked to 3 major deeds VIA highway with wagoners. Over 20 Iron veins some are utmost silver slate with 8k actions left tin zinc rocksalt sandstone. Mine is gigantic! Alot alot of time, work and money went into this deed. The entire flat area we dropped dirt into the water. Tons of horses, bisons, sheep, chickens, chicken coops, and other misc Animals. Alll forges and ovens are 70+ QL Im accepting offers via PM. Also if anyone wants to make a noobie alt to check the deed just let me know. We have a huge defiance deed so im looking to downsize the deed here. The monthly upkeep is only 12s because of the 25% discount from the trader. Also for the right price ill throw in a caravel, corbita, knar, sailboat, and a rowboat. here is a link with over a 100 photos of the deed
  3. Bump have almost 40 active and about 25 are vets. Very active on discord. We have a 92 carpenter, 78 fine carp, 72 plate smithing, 76 mining, 67 masonry, and on our way up. Come join us!!! Also we just hit 55 in animal husbandry!
  4. I’ll buy it if you can deliver to p10 on the ocean side
  5. Bump were now at about 38 active and recruiting more. Deed is 108x146. Plenty of flat land for housing and projects. We have marble, gold, silver, tin, copper, iron, slate, sandstone. We have a trader, clay, tar, Pete, and coastal access all on deed.