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  1. WTS deed Inde M20 lowered price

    pm me if not sold
  2. WTS/PC two accounts // SOLD 

    Offer 100e rafaello
  3. WTB silver

    Pm me need to buy silver thanks PayPal verifies.
  4. WTB drake set

    Pm me
  5. WTB 1 gold

    Pm me
  6. Found. Please close :)

    Hey I have one with 10fs the names Tamara
  7. Wagons overview

    I have Ebonaura wagons for sale pm me, it’s a chaos pmk that’s been gone for some time, also black legion, jk, and a few others
  8. WTB 50silver

    Pm me ASAP thx
  9. [SOLD] WTS Trader Deed - Celebration T-13

    at the deed pm me ingame unluckyone
  10. WTB Deed Preferably Xanadu

    Hey guys, im sure many remember me. Old school player here for about 15 years just coming back into the mix. Hit me up thanks
  11. Thanks for the boat travel update!! I have been mentioning for years to make wurm round but this is WAY better!!! Thanks
  12. Plan for a Plan

    MAKE WURM ONLINE ROUND. Wurm should be round the way the islands are positioned. It takes to long having to travel through deli to then go to xanadu then pristine and so fourth. Position the servers in a circle maybe revolving around xanadu. I think this would even stimulate the pvp server since people can travel to and from faster and make shortcuts.
  13. Plan for a Plan

    Make it so that you can place a deed over a decaying house if its past a certain amount of damage or something? I have found so many nice places to settle but cant because of a house thats there decaying that you can obviously tell no ones coming back for.