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  1. Rare Strange Bone - 30s Turn your favourite inventory item into a rare version with this bone! Sold!
  2. I'm curious why we need some grand announcement about people being banned? At most in other multiplayer games you might get a vague post stating that "x amount of people were banned for cheating here's some links to the rules", etc. Why does it matter what people are whispering or what the specifics were? It's nothing to do with the rest of us players.
  3. I'm sorry, but there is no way that this VR support will not take away from other Wurm development. There are so many problems that need solving to make it usable, and even the desktop experience for Wurm is far from perfect after all these years. There are hundreds of bugs waiting to be fixed, hundreds of great ideas ignored, hundreds of smaller things that could improve Wurm over this. I imagine the decision about this came from higher up, because surely nobody who's actually involved in the Wurm team would reasonably think "Hey, what would be a great thing to spend some time on? Maybe some new kinds of walls? Some new monsters to fight? A new skill? Nah, let's go with VR support for the 10 players who have the hardware!" If there was ever a time the Wurm team needed to really properly listen to their players, now would be it. It's great you have an exploration update coming (whatever that entails) but there really needs to be some kind of better interaction with the community on the direction of this game. This isn't World of Warcraft, you can't just shut yourselves away for 6 months and then be all "Surprise! Here's a huge system nobody wanted! P.S. Enjoy the bugs!". I guarantee if you held a vote between you adding a whole one single new wall tile to the game, or VR support, then the wall would be the runaway winner. I love this game, as do many others, it's why we post here trying to give feedback, but it gets hard to keep coming back with the constant communication problems, broken updates, and feature announcements like this that seem really tone-deaf as to what the community would actually want.
  4. You could check in windows event viewer -> windows logs -> system, see if anything shows up there at the time it happens.
  5. Yep, this is happening a lot to me as well.
  6. Now getting this instead of just stuck on connecting:
  7. Deli seems to have gone down just now, actions lagged out and upon trying to restart the client it's now stuck on "Connecting to server..." A few other people confirmed this happening to them too on Discord.
  8. For anyone getting this, apparently a restart sorted it out. Seems like some connection was never closed correctly and it still thought something was running in the background, as it wouldn't let me rename the wurm folder when I was going to test a reinstall.
  9. I'm unfortunately stuck on this screen trying to access Deli, anyone else?
  10. I recently used a mirror and found that the colours that are previewed in the mirror window aren't lit correctly and look totally different to what is actually shown on your character in-game. (Game on left, mirror window on the right). Unfortunately I only realised after using a mirror that the hair colour is previewed in-game as well when you use the 3rd person camera, and ended up with a colour I didn't like. Hair preset 0: missing any lighting at all so just looks solid black almost like a texture hasn't loaded Hair preset 2: brown but the preview looks red-ish Hair preset 4: blonde but the preview is ginger Hair preset 5: darker brown but again the preview is almost solid black with slightly red highlights? Hair preset 7: ginger but the preset makes it look full on red (which would have been nice as an actual option)
  11. I started to use DP3 recently after being a long time DP2 user and had a few random comments / feature suggestions for you @Warlander Make it possible to hide the shadows in 2D view - I've found compared to DP2 it makes it super difficult to work in this view because it's hard to see the tiles clearly Speed up the 2D WASD camera movement a bit more as you zoom out - it seems to keep a constant speed no matter the zoom level but I think it would feel nicer if it scaled with the zoom level too else it takes ages to pan across a large map without using MMB dragging. I love the new height editing in 3D view, but it would be great if there was a way to select by tile and not only the corner handles, as it's quite awkward sometimes to try and get all the corners you need and I find you need to keep shifting around the camera to try and avoid grabbing handles of other tiles that you don't want. If I could e.g. set the target height in the level area function and just click through each tile, or use the select + drag and be able to drag by tile face selection, that would save a lot of time. Basically like an option between vertex and face selection. Not sure if there is one already, but a shortcut for moving up and down layers would be really useful too, something like ctrl + mousewheel up/down and secondary of pageup/down? A way to speed up frequent saving would be a major time saver, though I realise this isn't quite how DP is treating the map files at the moment, but usually you'd open a document, and then that's the active one and you could just ctrl-s and it'll save over it, whereas here you need to constantly go to menu->save map-> save to file -> pick the same file that's already open-> yes I want to overwrite. Being able to place objects in specific places now is great but I noticed right click removal is still wiping the whole tile of objects, would it be possible to change that to per-object removal as well? Add a small delay to detecting the right button mouse button being held down to delete multiple walls, because this triggers now even if you only perform a click, so if you are looking at a wall and there's other walls behind it in the distance, if you right click to delete the near wall, it's like shooting a laser through the whole map and nuking every wall along the path.
  12. @RetrogradeWhat happened to the golden mirror from the mark rewards, is it just missing from the patch notes?
  13. @RetrogradeRegarding the loyalty system, will we be granted points for past premium purchases or is this starting fresh from the release? Also regarding the player god removal, are there any plans to adjust the base god spell lists at the same time, or they'll be as they are now?
  14. What's the new premium system? You mean the rewards? Was that said officially somewhere?
  15. @RetrogradeAny chance we might have any golden mirror related news coming in the near future? Especially with that 3rd person mode that you teased in the post, it'd really be a nice addition, and it's been on the way for so long now. Perhaps if the web store is on hold or taking more time, there could be another way to get hold of it?