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  1. It doesn't seem to happen in windowed mode, but I use windowed fullscreen and it happens then. It's not quite the same as screen tearing, just a weird ripple effect as you move in various places across the whole screen.
  2. Can confirm also having this problem when using the new launcher
  3. I've been testing getting WO running under Ubuntu 19.04, and my last remaining problem is that windowed fullscreen mode seems to stretch across both of my monitors rather than being contained to one, even though in the display options is correctly shows 1920x1080 as the resolution (although weirdly shows 51 hz refresh rate instead of 60). Is there any solution for this other than switching to proper fullscreen or windowed?
  4. Bump for 2019 - still missing some decorative NPC friends to hang out with on my deeds.
  5. @WarlanderThanks for the update! I think there was a little misunderstanding what I meant on my border lines idea - I was meaning the lines you can manually draw under the "Borders" section ?
  6. They're not too bad, it's just I use them for all sorts of things like measuring some distance or marking rough areas, often with the bright colours, so it would be nice to be able to just hide / show all at times.
  7. @WarlanderA few small ideas from me: Could you make it so pressing enter after you type in the height text inputs makes them lose focus and return it to the map, so you can type a number, hit enter, and straight away use WASD to move around? Currently you have to pick a different button and swap back to height again to reset the focus. Or maybe there's a better way to handle that, like WASD always moves the map even if the focus is on those height inputs, because you never need to type letters in those. An option to toggle visibility of border lines would be really handy, I use them a lot but they can get a bit messy covering up the map.
  8. media

    Did you even bother watching the video? They're game journalists, not "wow kiddies", and they're talking about how the new MMO from Amazon that has aspects similar to Life is Feudal, Wurm etc. would need to have a simpler / better / more approachable UI compared to those games, to do well and draw in enough players - which is obvious. Sure, us longer term players might be totally comfortable with wurm's UI now, but it's no secret that it puts off a huge number of potential players, which is why it's being redone.
  9. <closed>

    Bumpity. Still one charge available, price reduced to 60s.
  10. So, a year later and no dev acknowledgement at all, time for a bump and another attempt at getting this one noticed perhaps?
  11. <closed>

    ? Last charge remaining! ?
  12. Not sure if there's a setting I'm missing, or some technical reason why this is so small, but the underground render distance is massively smaller than above ground - something like 15 tiles. When you're outside this distance, you just see solid black, or occasionally the "black layer" clipping into the rock walls. Is there any way this could be increased to give a better experience underground in large areas?
  13. When starting the preview client without having any existing version in the java cache, it will fail on startup with the following message: Unable to load resource: (, 3.1.6)