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  1. Hold down shift, then hold down enter (keep holding both). Then click drag. I'd still prefer they reworked the system, but it's a temporary stopgap to make moving bulk items tolerable.
  2. Uniques drop the items that give sorc spells now. They are quite pricy though to buy.
  3. So long as we're talking a friend who could handle the prank: Fo priests give aggro immunity to their pets. Use this + taming and/or Charm to pile 30 bears into someone's house around their bed. Wait for them to login :3
  4. Lawns

    I agree with nic on this one. While you have some points, you're being pretty self centered in the suggestion. A "meadow" tile that only grows grass/flowers would be an ideal compromise for this. Especially for things like love tiles that need flowers on them which trees knock out when growing.
  5. Bushes do exactly that in some very low levels of graphical settings.
  6. Really surprised people don't keybind drop. If you keybind it to a shift+key setup, it's really convenient and doesn't get hit accidentally. It's only the options that lack a keybind where rclick menuing is truly an unavoidable pain.
  7. Drop has a keybind btw. It's a million times easier than using a rclick menu and if you set it to something like shift+t you won't be hitting it accidentally.
  8. I already have issues doing right click menu stuff due to my wrist injury. Moving everything into a submenu is brutal on my ability to use it. Could we at least get keybinds for submenu'd options that don't have one? Destroy is missing a keybind and is now even more of a pain to access. Plant has eternally been missing one as well and is sorely needed. Please if you're doing fixes put some time into making the missing binds. They would be incredibly appreciated by quite a few people.
  9. Also on the collecting side of things: Sigs. People seem to like having things they made rared too.
  10. Corsan lives at Observer's Keep. x29 y26