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  1. I want to set up a server with the same parameters as the live Wurm Online servers. Obviously I want to set the "Skill gain rate multiplier" and such stats to 1.0, the character skills to 20.0 and the other skills to 1.0, but is there anything else? What do I set the "Combat rating modifier" to, for example? Can anyone who is more familiar with WO write me a list, please? Thanks.
  2. No worries, as we don't intend to compete. OP simply says "Above is the region we are limiting ourselves to in order to preserve the neighbourly vibe. If you have a deed in the highlighted area, please contact..." It is not a declaration of our "turf" or anything like that. So with that said, nice to meet you neighbour.
  3. A seal!

    WTB champion seal aquatic mount. All boats now null and void.
  4. Archery changes?

    The trolls have recently received some unintended changes when uniques were tweaked. Maybe the trolls inherited this ability from them? The combat rating uppage was reverted but maybe seomthing else wasn't. I'm just speculating, though. I haven't seen anything mentioning archery specifically.
  5. A seal!

    Oh THAT'S where they're all hiding!
  6. Haha the bison (or horses) was the plan, but the creature spawns were borked and it was only days later that I got the single horse I haul my cart around with now. And yes, that's your tent! Damn squatter.
  7. Aaand another update on Beacon: [media] The next will come after I have premade a few thousand building materials.
  8. All binding does is circumvent the right click menu, but it functions the same.
  9. I don't want to go into too much detail, but if you can run two Wurm clients fine, you can time-lapse just fine, generally. The screenshot-every-x-seconds method Wurm contains is nothing like the FPS hit you'd get from Fraps or similar programs. This has been my experience. Even the least action packed videos can be made action packed with the right music! [media ]
  10. Well, now I want those 4 hours of my life back I spent sailing in Xanadu. Another great infographic.
  11. I'm a huge fan of these roads that follow the contours of the terrain. Excellent work.
  12. Looks like our old friend has finally been slain! Good news indeed. Here's a picture to remember him by, courtesy of NachtMahr:
  13. TIL about inventory groups. Life. Changed. EDIT: Seriously, I just shed about 8kg of containers.
  14. I think it floats just fine on its own.