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  1. please close

    Sadly I cannot provide boat, I didnt log for almost a year and deed, boats and everything is gone. Cheers
  2. please close

    Trade done, please close and thanks for smooth and fast transaction.
  3. Close Please

    bumb, still buying another 30s Thank Eilif for smooth transaction.
  4. Close Please

    Want to buy 1 gold for 90 eur, paypal.
  5. Want to buy mid level account, not female, not searching for specific skills, best if located on Xanadu. PM me with offers, cheers
  6. When I press f6 or type /time it says: You have not paid from premium time, now i checked my paypal and payment should be ok (transaction id #9DJ75839R3839025N) Regards
  7. Hello i bought througm your shop 2 month premium time for 10 euros, you recieved from my paypal lorincl@email.cz 10 euros and i can see my stats are uncapped again but for example i cannot ride horse even when i have 21 bc. Thank you very much for solution Wixq
  8. Wts 40S 25E

    Sold, close please.
  9. Wts 40S 25E

    Want to sell 40 silver coins for 25 euros. Pm me here or ingame: Wixq
  10. close

    COD 70.63ql Longsword (MS90 NIMB58 FB67) please to Wixq
  11. Heya, Im offering Genesis cast - 30c Courier cast - 3c per cast strenght, can arrange 90+ (Courier cast is currently available only near Colossus lake) Also have two mature champion lions, male, each for 50c pickup only Location: 48x11y If you are interested please post here or pm me ingame: Wixq Thank you
  12. Thanks for smooth transaction.