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  1. I think more uses for wood scraps is a good start, but I really don't see the point in wood scraps being used as kindling and I can't really give a reason or elaborate on why but I've never had a kindling shortage and making more kindling has never been a issue for me but I agree wood scraps can have some new uses because I have 30-60k of them in BSB's at any given time.
  2. The only thing that's ever proven to take me away from my precious wurm has and will always be a good women, sometimes I disappear for a few weeks or month and that mean I've met a girl and things are going good then when things turn to crap I come back to wurm in a fit of depression and drown my heart in hours of senseless deed building and general grinding unfortunately not the good grinding I was doing before the breakup. Wurm is my backup girlfriend.....
  3. I just moved and it felt great!!!
  4. Those are sleepers, someday they will all activate the fourmageddon is upon us, we will all drown in a sea of sports information and random media footage.
  5. -1 very sad but it just doesn't work for a PVP game, I don't know the official stance but the inconsistency that comes with texture packs has always been a huge turn off especially for a game like WO in comparison to WU where is really wouldn't matter. Lego Wurm online should never exist
  6. Thread cleaned, please take inquires & concerns to PM.
  7. congrats eye enjoy that beast
  8. The forum seriously needs to go back to being a fixed width, I hate full width forums. :(
  9. The people who want the old version sound like all the people that still want to use windows 98, there was nothing wrong with it why upgrade? lol
  10. whomever hosts the server most likely setup a server neighbor or was testing the multi server function and when you tick the login server box in there one and it's not configured properly the bank system won't work anymore since it relies to heavily on the cluster. Long story short check server properties and remove any server neighbors which might be configured improperly.
  11. We just added quite a bit of loot to the butchering system including money which should make up for us not selling silver.
  12. At manawurm we also faced a DDOS with TOR endpoints yesterday, our servers didn't flinch but because of a foresight I made the logs partition of my server to small and it filled up with blocked IP's and crashed my web server for about half a hour while I figured out what I did wrong.... Server admin fails
  13. you can also see the game stats here http://steamcharts.com/app/366220
  14. wurmplayers.db table "PLAYERS" column "POWER" 3 is GM 4 is arch GM 5 is dev
  15. Unfortunately there is currently no way to change this port.
  16. Hype, very happy this one didn't have voice acting.
  17. found my trainer red hat today
  18. If you ever have any CSharp or Unity related questions hit me up, really interested in seeing where you take your project.
  19. Manawurm - http://manawurm.com/ Basic information We're a small community lead by myself a csharp programming and server administrator hoping to primarily use the servers and community to test any future mods I might make, What you should expect is some extremely reliable servers all hosted in one of the two data centers I am partnered with the primary being. rackforce which is a canadian datacenter. We've not decided on much yet I can't throw down a beautiful list of expected features because I believe the community should be the deciding factor in how the servers are configured. Staff policy Unfortunately having staff with a nonprofit setup like this can lead to misfortune when it comes to GM's and simply not allowing them to have fun and play as a player would will lead to failure and a constant shuffle of staff members ultimately leading to the clusters failure. I'm hoping to automate most of the GM process using mods and limit the GM team to 1-3 extraordinarily reliable people who have no drive to play the game and simply enjoy helping. Launch day Most likely we won't have any map tools comes launch day so we will be forced to use what the game comes with which is 2 beautiful and rather large maps, That leaves us with 1&1 PVP&PVE side by side which isn't ideal as we've discussed on our forums arranging the servers is vital to having a healthy PVP setup without alienating PVE. What might be necessary is a few months in after we've designed the maps we're happy with moving over all existing characters and just sucking it up and dealing with a map wipe but this is something that will be discussed within the community and decided on as a community but PVP wipes should be expected. Back-end One thing you can always count on with our cluster is the back-end of things will be tight and reliable, I've got more servers sitting around then I could ever actually put to use having access to my own racks and multiple data centers across Canada, I'm able to run these extremely powerful machines at no cost so there will never be a need to collect donations to keep our services running. I keep these servers hardware up to date and running good for my own needs as a programmer. I'm working on a few of my own games that can barely scratch the surface of using these servers to there full potential. Hiring I will be seeking several if not more very knowledgeable people willing to take up arms and sit there for countless hours helping the flood of new steam players that will know absolutely nothing about the game, the first step in getting involved is heading over to our forums and inserting your opinion everywhere you can about how things should be operated. Maps PVE1 PVE2 PVP1 Community We're just a forum at this point, please don't judge the theme & background I threw this together pretty quickly and when I have more time ill tweak it and make it pretty. http://manawurm.com/