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  1. I think more uses for wood scraps is a good start, but I really don't see the point in wood scraps being used as kindling and I can't really give a reason or elaborate on why but I've never had a kindling shortage and making more kindling has never been a issue for me but I agree wood scraps can have some new uses because I have 30-60k of them in BSB's at any given time.
  2. The only thing that's ever proven to take me away from my precious wurm has and will always be a good women, sometimes I disappear for a few weeks or month and that mean I've met a girl and things are going good then when things turn to crap I come back to wurm in a fit of depression and drown my heart in hours of senseless deed building and general grinding unfortunately not the good grinding I was doing before the breakup. Wurm is my backup girlfriend.....
  3. I just moved and it felt great!!!
  4. Those are sleepers, someday they will all activate the fourmageddon is upon us, we will all drown in a sea of sports information and random media footage.
  5. -1 very sad but it just doesn't work for a PVP game, I don't know the official stance but the inconsistency that comes with texture packs has always been a huge turn off especially for a game like WO in comparison to WU where is really wouldn't matter. Lego Wurm online should never exist
  6. Thread cleaned, please take inquires & concerns to PM.
  7. congrats eye enjoy that beast
  8. The forum seriously needs to go back to being a fixed width, I hate full width forums. :(
  9. The people who want the old version sound like all the people that still want to use windows 98, there was nothing wrong with it why upgrade? lol
  10. whomever hosts the server most likely setup a server neighbor or was testing the multi server function and when you tick the login server box in there one and it's not configured properly the bank system won't work anymore since it relies to heavily on the cluster. Long story short check server properties and remove any server neighbors which might be configured improperly.
  11. We just added quite a bit of loot to the butchering system including money which should make up for us not selling silver.